Garden play, fun and frolics

Yesterday was the start of a week off for N from nursery and myself from work, so we’ve got lots of meet ups with friends booked in.  It’ll be great to see how he gets on with children he only occasionally sees, although to date he seems quite happy with these friends as well as the ones he has at nursery.

I’d organised a meet up for my ‘local’ online mum friends.  I rarely get the chance to meet up with friends with work and everything else, but come school holidays there’s a few who’re teachers and some on maternity leave, so it’s a great opportunity to meet up.

Unfortunately, one overdue pregnant friend wasn’t well, and another has a baby that’s not keen on long car journeys, so it was just 2 of us in the end, with 2 toddlers.  I had been hoping the forecast rain and thunderstorms would hold off, so the children could get the chance to play out, and we were really lucky.

After some indoor play and lunch, the boys headed outside.  Lots of fun on bikes and ride on toys, but they were more interested in bringing the indoor toys outside…tractors must be played with outside, obviously.

Digging out the thistles
sharing toys
Working out who got to the tractor first
fastrac toy
toy tractors
Joining in with tractor play

They also wandered down to the yard to check out what animals were still around and not in the fields (not much), plus a stint sitting on the mower and the quad bike.  Then it was back to have a go on the trampoline.

N is a bit nuts when he gets on it.  Jumping’s good, but he much prefers running round and round.  It makes him laugh so much, and watching him made us laugh because the way they walk or run on a trampoline is so different – think ‘ministry of funny walks’ style.

Running on a trampoline has to be the funniest thing
Peter Rabbit is back after 2 weeks disappearance

The bonus with them having so much outdoor time (even if it is only garden play) is that hopefully they’ll be tired out and so ready for bed.  That’s not usually a problem for N, but I’d like to get him back to his old regular wake up time of 6.45ish rather than his current 5.15ish.

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  1. Hope it tired him out enough. Trampolines bring out some strange and funny behaviour in children. My children never cease to amuse me!

    1. Definitely makes me laugh watching him (especially when he’s with his cousin). He loves being pushed over backwards on it as well. Bit of a nutter

    1. Sometimes it’s easier to chat when there’s only 2, especially if you’re hosting and there’s lots of people around. So it was definitely a nice day.

  2. i try to wear my two out every day in the hopes they might sleep in a bit! doesnt happen very often though despite a long day with plenty of fresh air!
    tractors and trampolines – two great play things my two and your two would get along very well i think!
    enjoy your time off work x

  3. It’s a shame they all couldn’t make it, although it looks like the boys had lots of fun with the tractors and trampoline (best toy invention ever). Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of the outdoor fun they had with Country Kids.

    1. Definitely love the trampoline (apart from the pain of climbing up the ladder – why don’t children feel that?!). Ours gets shunted everytime the lawn mower comes out!

    1. Because I work full time, and we’re spread out around the ‘midlands’, it’s pretty hard to. Something always seems to go wrong whenever we plan in advance. So nice when we do manage to catch up though

  4. Best of luck moving getting up time later! My oldest woke up at 5.30 every day of his life until he was 14. He’s 19 now and I get revenge by strolling in at 7am and asking pointless questions like “what time did you have to get up again?”

    1. I wouldn’t mind so much if he’d stay in his room for a bit, or go and hassle his dad. Am sure his dad’s waking him up as he leaves at 5! Really hoping he gets back to his normal time of around 6.45ish. Gives me time to do my exercise in peace then

      1. My 2 youngest wake up when my eldest gets in from work at 3am – they sleep through everything that happens upstairs, but as soon as there are ‘door’ noises they’re up!

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