First parents evening at nursery

I can’t believe I’ve been to our first parent’s evening.  It was the day nursery parent’s evening yesterday, and we had our 15 minute slot. Although only I went along – the OH still hasn’t done the nursery run or even been there – think they’re questioning whether there is a ‘dad’ especially as I still can’t quite fit my rings on!.

It was lovely as I got the chance to see his ‘artwork’ on the walls and some photos of him there playing. Work still block the nursery website due to ‘suspicious content’ so I haven’t managed to log onto the parental cctv to have a nosy at what N’s up to.

They’d got his Learning Journal folder completed (even though he’s only been going a month) so I got to read that and check what else he’s been up to and see how they’ve worked him out.  They seem to have got him exactly right which is great (and he’s totally charmed them with his cheeky giggle!).

They want to work on his ‘tool use’ especially when they’re doing art stuff.  Sounds like he just chews the pens or paintbrushes and looks at them like they’re nuts when they suggest he actually use the item rather than his hands.  Think they also want to get him to use his spoon more as he tries to use his hands in tandem as it’s quicker.  I suggested they give him a second spoon or fork as I find one in each hand prevents too much handwork going on when he feeds himself!

It’s funny as they say he’s still really unsure on his feet, but when he’s at home he walks all round the house, and now he can turn himself round there’s no stopping him.

It was a little sad though as they said that he’s not in an age cluster…the others in his part of the baby room are either 15-16 months or 9-10 months, and he’s the only one of his age.  So he’s a bit inbetween and lost.  The older ones seem to make him a bit unsure, although his key worker thinks he’ll get more confident once they’ve moved up to the ducklings room in a few weeks as he’ll then be the biggest.  He does enjoy playing in the older babies room after tea which is where the babies staying til later have to hang out til pick up time.

It was good to hear that he’s making himself heard though.  Now when one of the others takes a book or toy off him, he shouts at them.  So they were pleased he was developing  and giving himself some voice.  He also likes to read & flick through books, jabbering on to himself.  It’s all really cute, and I can’t wait to read his book every evening to see what he’s been up to.

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