12 months jab and symptom delay

Urgh.  We were hoping that N’s last set of jabs were over and done with, especially as he’d had a bit of a temperature and was grouchy the weekend after he’d had them.  But no, that was tooth number 10’s arrival.

Looks like his reaction to the 12 month jabs have arrived 9-10 days afterwards.  A slight rash on his tummy (luckily nursery were fine with it being explained down to his MMR jab). Then before lunch they rang asking to give him calpol as his temperature was up.  He’s quite often hot at nursery (I usually pick him up and he’s in his vest and socks), but looks like the temperature was sticking around.  

Thankfully when I picked him up he seemed happy enough, and was on fine form right up to bedtime when most nights he gets a bit ratty by 6pm.

Hopefully a good night’s sleep (he even slept 2 hours at nursery, which is the longest he’s ever managed) will do him some good and he’ll be back to normal tomorrow.  

Illnesses seem to be dragging on a bit in this house at the moment. He’s back on antibiotics in the hope they’ll shift his long lingering cough. I’ve got swollen glands & sore throat again for the 3rd time since Christmas and OH’s had tonsillitis again (for the 3rd time this winter).  We’re not a healthy bunch at the moment!

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