Listography: top 5 phrases that make me crazy

I think it’s going to one of those listography’s which after I’ve written it, I then remember all the other annoying things that I’ve forgotten about!  Here are my phrases that I can’t stand (I’ve tried to not include too much office speak, because obviously there are loads of office jargon/terminology which are so annoying):

1. CU L8tr – or in fact, any text speak or shockingly spelt/grammatically incorrect phrase that people have written outside of a text message.  Use proper english so I don’t have to use a translator to work out what you’re trying to tell me.

2. Singing from the same hymn sheet.  Urg, hate it.

3. Let’s touch base.  Mmm, nope.

4. Passing over/away.  When someone says this to me, it always takes me a while to realise what they’re talking about.  I’m black or white me, none of that fluffy stuff. People die.

5. ‘Well”  as in “well fit” etc, ie extreme or very.  Similarly putting “like” in the middle of sentences where it really shouldn’t go.

Ultimately I’d like people to write correctly.  It’s bad enough hearing people saying ridiculous things, but it’s much harder to understand what people are meaning when something’s written poorly.

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  1. Oh I’d forgotten about touch base, it’s weird isn’t it? Smacks of an Americanism to me, why not just say lets meet?

  2. Another great list, and yep, I’d forgotten about ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ too.

    I’m also a hater of text speak and something else I really can’t abide is writing in a local dialect, for example, I’m from central Scotland, where the accent can be a mish mash of both Edinburgh and Glasweigan dialects – I regularly read texts or facebook updates from people which are written as they’d be spoken. “Ah dinnae ken whit ti hae fur ma dinner the night.” Aaaargh! Write properly!

  3. Singing from the same hymn sheet – brilliant, I had totally forgotten this one when I wrote my list!

  4. The worst culprits for terrible text speak seem to be my mother and mother-in-law. Most if the messages I receive from them, I don’t understand. It’s well awful 😉

  5. Your list of 5 could be my 6 to 10! Completely feel your pain. I text in email form, using ‘real’ words, don’t like sharing, like to have genuine catch up sessions, see it the way it is and if I ever used the word ‘well’ at the front of any sentence, I’d kick myself, ‘well ‘ard!’.

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