Trendy toddler Tuesday: stripy

I’ve been sorting out N’s wardrobe recently and locating all the previously ‘too big’ trousers that had been bought and were languishing in drawers.  I’ve also been trying to track down the various jumpers as it’s got colder and I think he needs to be wearing a couple of layers now when he’s in a short sleeve t-shirt.  Not that he agrees – I get a lot of ‘no’ when I suggest a jumper, hoody or coat!

On this occasion, he was wearing a pair of (funny coloured) khaki trousers with cool (OH wasn’t impressed) orange stripy turn-ups from the previously too big round the waist collection.  Bizarrely they start off as small turn-ups but by the end of the day, they end up huge.

His jumper was one from last year but actually had a stripe that went with the trousers.  Bib, of course is essential for our dribbler, and I found some random orange & brown stripy socks which kind of go with the trouser lining.

I don’t tend to shop at Boden very often.  Everyone raves about it, and there are some cute kids outfits, but apart from t-shirts which fit with no problems, the trousers are a bit hit and miss on the fit – these ones are pretty baggy in the leg, but because they’re just elasticated waist without the button adjusters, we’ve had to wait a while for them to fit…but now they won’t last long because the crotch is quite short for N’s long body.

Got hold of mum’s camera – N’s managed to show me that it’ll take pictures through a touch sceen…

Clothes:┬áTrousers (Boden sale), jumper (M&S), socks (errr, Sainsbury’s?), dribble bib (Funky Giraffe)

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! I find Boden a bit hit and miss as well for boys. I think it’s better for those with little girls! Thank you for linking up! x

    1. I always like the Boden bits, but refuse to pay the prices as the sizing always tends to be a bit wierd. But then at the sales, the website crashes and there’s nothing in the sizes I want. I find that Sainsbury’s do lots of similar style appliqued t-shirts where you can’t tell the difference between them and Boden.

  2. I love your little man’s outfit, especially the jumper!
    I really need to sort through my one’s clothes too – they outgrow things so quickly! x

    1. It takes so long to sort through their clothes. I thought I’d put all neatly by size in each vacuum bag, but it still seems to be all over the place. It’s about 1/2 a day’s work really I reckon!

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