giant petals snowdome with people catching petals

Project 52 2019 week 38 – mini Wasgij puzzle

We’re into week 38 of Project 52, and it’s ended with a busy weekend. I couldn’t decide on 1 photo this week.

On Sunday N was the only older child at the tennis club junior morning, so he got in an hour of hitting with one of the men from the club. All the hitting has really improved his forehand. He just needs the same practice on his backhand and serve. We spent an hour in the evening making Christmas decorations at N’s request.

The week at work was as usual but with a horrible cold – mostly sore throat and hardly able to speak. It arrived Monday and by Sunday I was still suffering. Nothing eventful happened at school either, apart from N getting his pen licence on Wednesday and VIP one day as well.

Friday was a good tennis session. Neither of the girls were there, so the 3 boys had a good session. N won the 3 ball challenge – getting to a rally of 91, nearly off just 1 ball. The next nearest got 51! We had a lazy fish and chips for tea – well, I had battered halloumi and the OH and N had scampi.

On Saturday it was an early start to go to Blog On conference, this time in Bracknell. It’s usually Manchester so was nice to have one just over an hour way. I spent a lot of time catching up with people, although I did feel like I missed seeing a lot who were there too.

I chose 2 for this week’s pictures, because I’m feeling back into jigsaws again after winning one in the raffle at Blog On, as well as seeing some new Wasgijs. Winter’s approaching which is the time I do puzzles. This one was a mini wasgij puzzle – week killer. Small enough to just do it without worrying about clues. I couldn’t resist the giant ‘snow’ globe photo – take at Blog On where you had to try and catch the golden petals to win the prize.

Wasgij mini 1 - weed killer
Mini Wasgij puzzle Original Mini 1 – Weed killer
giant petals snowdome with people catching petals
Catching petals in the Awesome Blossems giant snowdome
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  1. Well done on winning the jigsaw puzzle stash at Blogon. I’ve seen people tweeting on the day, but as always, I never know anything in advance. 🙂
    Sounds like N is having a good time, playing tennis and enjoying it.

  2. Hope you had a good time at Blogon. Sounds like N’s tennis has really been coming on this week – always helps to play with older/more experienced people.

    1. It does. And saves me from paying to have a hitting buddy with one of the assistant coaches. I’m just hoping rain doesn’t stop play every week so he can still get out and play

    1. It takes me ages to do them. Once you’ve started it’s fine but I have to admit that I do sometimes cheat if I’m really stuck and look online

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