world book day costume ideas for boys

World Book day costumes for boys (and girls) who hate fancy dress

Some kids love dressing up. But others, like mine, aren’t keen. School dress up days seem to be prolific, although I think our school make it easy – sticking with wear a colour, wear pyjamas or sportswear – most of the year for their fun raising days. World Book Day however, is one of the days which can be loved or hated (by parents and children). Every year I try and think of World Book Day costumes for boys who aren’t fans of dressing up.

Some schools don’t do the dressing up and just focus on the books (which would be fine with me). Other schools go themed which makes it even harder for parents finding fancy dress outfits.

Ours is in the middle. They suggest book costumes (although 1 year did allow Disney/film outfits too which I wasn’t a fan of), and most children dress up.

N has mostly refused to wear a costume. By his 5th year at school he’d only dressed up once for World Book Day. He went as Wimpy Kid which was simple. Just jeans with a white t shirt. We also found an online face he could hold up as a mask, but in the end he left it in the car.  He’d decided to decorate the t shirt with wimpy kid style graphics so it was a bit more recognisable.  But all the other years, he’d refused.

world book day costume ideas for boys

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We’ve had a couple of times where I suggested easy costumes – Horrid Henry was debated but in the end he refused. So there’s no point me making or spending time or money on a costume that might or might not be worn.  Luckily, N isn’t worried about turning up to school and being the one of only a handful in school uniform. I suppose it might look like I’m the mum who forgot, but that doesn’t bother me.

If you have a child who isn’t a fan of dressing up, but doesn’t want to be left out either, then here’s some of the easiest World Book Day costume ideas.  This year’s World Book Day is on 7th March, so there’s plenty of time to gee up the kids and get the relevant colour clothes.

World book day costumes for boys who hate dressing up

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – jeans, top and a chocolate bar or golden ticket in a pocket
  • George’s Marvellous Medicine – jeans, red top, empty bottle with spoon.
  • Horrid Henry – jeans, blue and yellow stripy jumper, scruffy hair
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid – jeans, white t-shirt – draw a cartoon image of Greg on the front / or one of his catchphrases
  • Where’s Wally – blue trousers or jeans, red and white striped jumper (plus white and red bobble hat)
  • Billionaire Boy – normal clothes, plus send them in with play money and a loo roll
  • Dennis the Menace – black shorts, black and red stripy jumper, mad hair
  • Stick man – wear brown, put a stick in a pocket
  • Saucepan Man (understated version) – normal trousers and top, carry a saucepan
Mike teevee world book day costume
Mike TeeVee costume from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory credit: 3 Princesses and 1 Dude

While I’m on a run, here’s some easy World Book Day ideas for girls

  • Katie Morag – kilt and woolly cardigan, curled hair
  • Matilda – blue dress, red ribbon in hair
  • Princess Pearl – a dress, white apron with a red cross and nurse hat or crown, stuff toy dragon, toy stethoscope
  • Violet Beuregarde – dress up head to toe in blue/purples, use purple hair chalk or wash out spray, purple eye shadow. Take a purple/blue ball as a blueberry.
Matilda world book day costume
Matilda costume credit: Nora and co

Alternatively you can buy World Book Day costumes instead.

Are your children fans of fancy dress? What costumes have they dressed up in for World Book Day?

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