dinosaur that pooped the past

The dinosaur that pooped the past – book review

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Let’s face it, toilet humour is the way to keep children interested in books.  However revolting, it seems that if a book, picture or otherwise, has something that parents might find a little gross, then it’s a hit with children. Like most children, N loves books that have something a bit gross in, and The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past has it in spades.  

We were sent both this book, and The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet, as part of a Mumsnet review.  The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past is the third in the series from Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher from McFly.  I saw them a few months ago talking about writing the books,and thought they’d be fun.  I was right.

The illustrations are big and bold, and the stories flow well in rhyme.  I think N will definitely be looking forward to reading the first Christmas book as well as these.

Dinosaur that pooped the past plot is about Danny and his dinosaur.  They go to visit his Gran who turns out to be ancient and really bad at cooking.  The dinosaur gets hungry, so he eats everything she’s cooked, then they head out to the swing in the garden…and end up going back in time, through the different historical eras and back to the time of dinosaurs.  It’s always handy as having a book with some educational prospects in, gives you chance to introduce more about history into daily discussions.

dinosaur that pooped the past

Of course, the dinosaur has tummy issues from Granny’s cooking, and they have to get back into the present…by means of some pooping.  N thought it was hysterical with all the poo, although I think he preferred The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet story instead.

dinosaur that pooped a planet

The planet version tells of Danny and the Dinosaur visiting a science museum and using a rocket to go into space…having forgotten their lunch.  This means the dinosaur gets hungry and eats everything in sight.  Danny then realises that there’s no rocket to get them back to earth, and the dinosaur has to save the day…by pooping them back to earth.

N’s doesn’t really know much about space, but that didn’t seem to matter.  He just found it funny that the dinosaur was eating everything.  Nothing like starting children early with toilet humour!

The books are aimed at 5-7 year olds, but N enjoyed them even though he’s not that into dinosaurs, and doesn’t want to know much more about the history or space items int he stories.  I think they’ll last him for a while, and are definitely books I could see him sharing with his older cousin.

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