I can make a snowman

What not to expect in the morning – toddler creativity

With young children, there’s always that panic when things go quiet.  You wonder what they’re up to, because of course it can’t be anything safe and tidy.

In the mornings N rarely plays in his own room while I’m in the shower.  Sometimes he will, or plays games on my tablet, otherwise he’ll be playing in the bathroom (or usually getting the squeegee out to clean the shower door while I’m in it!

Occasionally he’ll head downstairs if he’s hungry and help himself to something for breakfast. That’s been rarer since he appears to have got past his summer growth spurt, but he’ll still sometimes get himself a drink or some fruit.

Mostly I have nothing to worry about when he’s quiet, but I really get unnerved when I call down and ask if he’s ok and there’s no answer.  I must train him to answer at least.

The other week we’d been glueing for our CSMA New things challenge.  I’d put the glue safely on the side, and cleaned off the spatula.  But the next morning n had gone downstairs…and was very very quiet.

When N didn’t answer 2 call downs, I made my way downstairs, wondering what sight I was going to see.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked as I went downstairs.

‘Glueing’.  Er, panic from me as I rushed down and into the kitchen…to see him sitting at the table with his box of pens, scissors and everything arty open and bits of paper on the table.

‘I’ve been making a snowman’. I couldn’t see any glue all over the table or floor, and there didn’t seem to be too much of a mess.  Phew.  But I was wondering what he’d made.

I took a look at what he was holding up.

I can make a snowman

A dollop of ‘putty’, a chopped out piece of paper, some squiggles that might have been there already and glue all over the piece of paper.  It seemed a bit on the odd side, but nice to see N being a bit creative.

He’d found the little glue pot (thankfully I’d decanted some of the pva into a mini jam pot so there wasn’t too much to get messy with), grabbed a paintbrush as he couldn’t find the glue spatula, and off he’d glued.

I was just pleased that my panic hadn’t met a disaster.  My little boy seems to know just what he’s doing to please his mum!  But blimey, I had got a little concerned when I heard him say he was glueing.

Have your children made any strange creations recently?

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  1. Grace is always making strange creations! And like your little one, thankfully I can trust her when she is quiet (even though it unnerves me!). I consider myself lucky that I have never had one of those kids that draw on the walls!! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

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