Bedtime snuggles and cotbed escapes

Sometimes toddlers (and babies) can be really unpredictable. They might knock something off routine, and you’ll be none the wiser why unless they can communicate clearly what the problem is.

When it comes to bedtimes, they’re often the most mysterious when toddlers wake unexpectedly.

N’s a good sleeper, but sometimes we’ll get a random curveball thrown in. Last night was one such example.

There’s usually no reason to it. He’ll have gone off to sleep as usual, then a couple of hours later, we’ll have him standing up in his cotbed and calling out. It could be the heat (I’m not surprised when he insists on pulling his duvet right up over him in this warm weather)? Could be thirst (I usually go up with a water just in case – sometimes, he’ll have a drink, then take the cup to bed with him)?

Now his dad tends to be working later on the farm, sometimes he wakes because he wants to come downstairs and see ‘what dad’s doing?’.

But I’m not sure what he wanted last night. It wasn’t long after he’d gone to bed, then I heard him shouting ‘mummy, mummy’.

Of course, he was stood at the end of the bed (well, the head as he’s turned himself up the other way recently). He didn’t want a drink, was fine when I told him dad wasn’t in to go and see. But he wanted to get out.

For the first time, he actually managed to climb out and not just stick a token leg up at the top of the cot. So it looks like we’ll be taking the sides off and having to remember to close the (broken) gate at the top of the stairs.

Really, all he wanted was cuddles. No scared scream, just shouting, and wanted some company.

I managed to put him off more stories, and we just sat in the chair in his room for 5 minutes. Then he was happy to go back to bed with no problems.

It is a relief that this is only an occasional thing. As by the time it’s evening and he’s in bed (any time between 7-7.30), I definitely feel like I need some me time, however great it is spending time with him.

What do your kids call out to get you to go to them?

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