It’s been a long time coming – the bathroom break

So, everyone says being pregnant and having a baby wrecks havoc with your pelvic floor.

Naively, I thought having had a caesarean, that I’d be exempt from such issues.  Trampolines would have been a problem early on (and I guess being overweight isn’t going to be a help either).

But one bonus is that having a child means you can drink all you want and still manage to not need numerous trips to the bathroom.  How?  Surely more liquid means more wee time!?

Basically, having a child means you train yourself, subconsciously.  I’m convinced of this.  You just don’t have time as you’re running from one task to another, your mind pulled from one thing to the next as you’re interrupted mid walk on the way to the bathroom.

As soon as I get home, that’s when I remember – ah, pee break.  And it’s very handy when you’ve got a child who hates electric hand dryers, so hard to go to public toilets when we’re out and about.

Anyone else find the same thing?

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