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Day out at Millets Farm

I’ve been feeling like we haven’t really done anything recently.

Of course we have, but it’s basically been work, chores, essentials, and not a lot else apart from pottering around the farm.  So I was determined that today we would spend the day out somewhere.

I’d been planning to take N to Millets Farm for a proper day trip, so decided that would be the place to go.  It’s just under an hour for us, and although we were forecast showers, we were really lucky with the weather and it stayed dry while we were there.  In fact, it was just the right temperature – t-shirt weather but not so hot you couldn’t be outside without wilting.

standing in a parched field

One of the tasks on my Day Zero list is to do a maze, so we timed it well as their maize maze was in full swing.  We headed there first (I love having an under 3 as it does make most days out reasonably priced, especially as he never wants to stay in one place for long).  For the price, you do get 3 maze options (or all), a quiz/activity booklet and if you complete your tasks, you can get a small prize.  If you’re worried about getting lost you can take a flag with you and staff will come and rescue you.

through the maize maze

We started on the 30 minutes maze, but N got a bit bored after about 5 minutes, so marched us back out.  I was determined to do one maze at least, so we headed into the mini maize where N had to look out for the fairy colours to complete five different coloured fingers.  He got used to what he had to do, but was more interested in trying to get to the multicoloured spiral slide.

stamping the maze card

I don’t think he realised how big it was until he got to the top, so straight back down the way he climbed up.  There wasn’t much chance of him going down that slide.

Once you’ve paid to get in the maze area, in the price there’s also lots of other activities for all ages – football table and table tennis for older ones, for the littles, there’s a junior area with Little Tikes type outdoor toys (of course N went straight for the Cosy Coupe he has at home!).  There’s a couple of trampolines, a construction area with giant ‘lego’ blocks, a happy hoppers, type area, a sandpit, and a John Deere tractor toy area.  I found there were quite a few activities with signs on saying only for over 3’s which was a bit ridiculous.  you know they are only covering themselves, but really, how many people are just going to let their under 3s play without keeping an eye on them.  All of the areas were covered which is great if the weather’s not brilliant.

Considering it was a Sunday, school holidays and dry, the maze area was pretty quiet, and no fighting to get to play on what you wanted.

on the ride on tractors

A bit of a walk over the other side of the farm centre, and we found our way to the animals.  N was intrigued by the goats.  We also saw some moorhens having a fight.  He was very disappointed that we’d not got any bread to feed the ducks, geese and swans.

checking out goats

Turning down the chance to go in the falconry centre (saving me money, whoop!), N ran straight for the playground area.  Of course the pay as you play diggers and tractors caught his attention first…naughty mummy didn’t have the correct change so he had to gaze longingly as the other children lucky enough to have a proper go on them.

sandpit diggers

A few goes on the slides and swings, and he was happy.  I do wonder who makes some of this play equipment, because there were two slides, and both of them had steps that were too far apart from him to climb without me holding him and shoving his feet high enough.

on millets slide

We stopped for a bite to eat at the farmhouse cafe.  I had debated doing sandwiches, but then that would have meant taking the pushchair out as I can’t carry rucksack, cool bag and N when he wants carrying.  The cafe is expensive (kids lunchbox is 4 items and a drink for £4.60, the crisps we shared, there was no veg choice, and the dried fruit pack we took away to eat another time.  I always find he needs 3 sandwiches not too just the two, but could do without some of the other bits), and there’s not that much choice if you just want a sandwich rather than a panini, although there’s a posher cafe upstairs.

eating jelly picnic

It was lovely to sit outside – we avoided too many wasps coming round, and N’s highlight was spotting the ‘frog’ dustbin.   That’s a great way of getting children to throw their rubbish away.

I’d totally forgotten that there was pick your own there, otherwise I’d have remembered to bring a hat for N and would have taken him to do some picking.  Must remember to take him locally.  We bought a few bits and pieces at the fabulous  (and heaving) farm shop.  N was excited about all the displays.  It was difficult trying to stop him touching everything, although the food did look inviting.

choosing vegetables

Would love to go back there for a full day when he’s a bit older and doesn’t need a nap post lunch.  Maybe a trip with friends and take a picnic as there’s lots of outdoor space for them to explore.

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  2. We’ve done the maize maze with our NCT group the last two years, but we’re doing something else this year, so I think we’re going to Millet’s Maze which is a shame. I’m glad you had a good time, because we’ve enjoyed it the two times we’ve done it.

  3. That looks like a great place to go – loads to do – definitely enough to keep them busy for the day (naps allowing!). #CountryKids

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Definitely a great place – it needs a sunny day though as no specific indoor areas for the children. But lots of room for it to be busy and not be too crowded.

  4. I love the maize maze – what a great idea, I can see that had quite a lot of activities and equipment for the children as well as some animals for them to pet. Thanks for sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  5. We went raspberry picking at Millets Farm last year, it’s a great place for kids. Feel free to join in with the #familydays Linky on Mums do travel, if you’d like to!

    1. It definitely needs a full day to do everything, especially as we spent a few hours there, but with N’s attention span, didn’t spend much time doing anything in particular.

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