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Keep the swimming routine

Well, we’ve finished our final swimming lesson of the ‘school’ year.

The toddlers got to choose their favourite activities, so cue lots of jumping off mats and the side, although I’m not sure N appreciated the choice from 2 of them wanting to dive for sinkies as he really hates going underwater to pick things up.

He’s really come on this last year, even though we’ve changed class and teacher, as well as having had quite a few random weeks off due to illness, snow, other events etc.  Hopefully come the new September term we’ll be able to get to each class and he’ll be able to progress.

What I need to do in the meantime is ensure he doesn’t forget what we’ve been doing.  Given this week, he managed to swim all the way across the pool on his woggle, with me standing much further away so he couldn’t grab me, I want to continue that momentum and make sure his little legs strengthen…he does have a tendency to just float rather than actually kick his way across.

So I need a plan for summer holiday swimming.

  • We have a float (not Bubba, but he likes the plain blue one anyway) and a woggle.
  • We have swimwear (you never know, by September I might feel like less of a blob and change to my nice new pink swimming costume rather than being in boring (attempting to be) slimming black.
  • We have several pools to choose from in the area.

What I do need to work out is the best swim time as going at our usual time to the big public pool is likely to mean splash & swim time with tonnes of kids jumping and splashing around.  Of course, online timetables for our pools are pretty horrendous to locate or work out, but I’d like to try and use the pool we normally go to for lessons.  It’s not as exciting or luxurious as the main pool in town, and although I fancy the outdoor pool, I’m not sure that’s practical for toddler use while there’s either serious swimmers or kids running riot for the day.  So here’s hoping we can do Sat or Sunday morning swims which will then leave the rest of the day free to do other exciting summer activities.

Next I need to try and write down all the activities that we do in Water Babies, so I can try and work through them with N.

How often to you take your children swimming over the summer?  Do you plan for it?


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  1. I too have swimming pool near my area. and love to do swimming, but I also do take care of infections while swimming. I liked your post, it’s really nice.

  2. We have a swimming pool just up the road in our new area and I am definitely taking Grace there this summer – she LOVES swimming :). Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  3. I take mine one a week, she also has swimming lesson on Friday’s Great post xxx

    1. Thanks. Would love to be able to take N a second time a week, but there’s just not the time at weekends. It’s really noticeable the children in his lessons who go more frequently.

  4. I take both of mine swimming once a week to the parent and tots sessions. Desperate to get them both swimming #PoCoLo

    1. We started early too. I want him to be swimming confidently by school, but it’s hard to coordinate timetables when you work full time and there’s not many weekend options (or they get booked up quickly). As a parent it does sometimes feel like a chore, but is rewarding when they love it.

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