onions in the produce show

Friends, photos and fun at Brailes Country Show

This was the third year we’ve been to Brailes Country Show.  For a village, it’s an almighty show, although this year didn’t seem to have as much as usual.  Mind you, we were parked in the overflow field for the first time so it was as successful if not more than previous years.

Again, it was beautiful weather, so I did come back slightly pink on my forehead. I must get myself a hat sometime soon.

We went with my friend and her 2 sons, one who’s N’s friend.  N had been so exciting about seeing H, he kept going on about seeing him all through lunchtime.  The boys are both starting school, and with farmer dads, they’ve a lot in common.

As with most shows, we did end up spending a bit on rides, but the boys had a great time.

They loved the bouncy slide – makes me wish I was still little so I could go on them.

On the bouncy slide

The fairground ‘clown’ car ride

happy on the ride

And they managed to persuade us to let them go on the go karts.  By that stage we’d bumped into an NCT friend, so the 3 four year olds could go on the karts together.  It was so funny to see their personalities come out.  E may turn out to be a boy racer from his love of going fast, while N took it steady to get the hang of it before speeding up.

Go karts at brailes show

Great fun, and I wondered whether we’d be able to drag them off.

Punch and Judy show

The vintage tractors were obviously going to be a draw for our 2 small tractor fans.

vintage tractors at Brailes show

There didn’t seem to be as many as last year but N did get a second look at the one named Joe on the way home when we overtook it just outside the village.

The only other ‘act’ we watched in the main ring was an escapologist.  It gave the boys chance to eat their ice creams, and for us to wonder why and how on earth someone decides they’re going to be an escapologist. N obviously pondered the same thing because he kept asking ‘why?’ as members of the audience were tying the guy up.

juggling fire

The playground was a great draw as usual, and we spent some time there.

sea saw at Brailes show
Going down the firemans pole
on the playground horse

Of course, one of the big draws each year is the craft, produce and baking marquee and the chance to see all the entries and winners in the different competition classes.

There were some pretty spectacular entries in the produce section

onions in the produce show
eggs in the produce competition

And flowers,

dahlias of every colour

As well as some lovely crafts and baked goods.

This year I’d entered 5 photos at the last minute, in 3 categories.  I was a bit gutted not to get any placings for one of my human portraits (all 3 of the prizes went to ‘character’ portraits – a note for next year’s entry).  But I managed to get 1st place in the single flower category which I was really chuffed about.  My prize…the princely sum of £1.50 and the title award winning photographer which makes me chuckle.  I think the photo that won was probably taken on my phone camera as well! Just goes to show that it’s a lot more than a great camera that takes brilliant photos.

first prize in the photography single flower class at Brailes Show

Were spent a couple of hours there, then it was time to head home.  Another country show, another beautiful summer day.

Do you go to country fayres or village fetes?  What activities do you look for at them?

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  1. Can youimagine? “Mum,I’ve decided I’m going to be an escapologist”. I wouldn’t know what to say! I’d try to be supportive, but I might have to stifle a laugh 😀
    It looks like a great show, a real community 🙂

    1. Lol. And not forgetting the juggling with fire. Not really the job that’s mentioned at a careers office!
      Thanks for stopping by Jenny.

  2. N looks like he’s in his element with his friends around exploring the Country Show. It’s amazing how many little rides they had to keep the kids entertained, N looks like he’s concentrating hard on driving his Go Kart properly! What little boy doesn’t love tractors? I’m sure they sat quietly and patiently as you watched them all drive around. Congrats on your winning photo, it is a fab shot! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

    1. The show always amazes me because it’s a lot bigger than it should be for the size of the village – there’s a proper show jumping horse show too, as well as a fun dog show, produce etc and all the traditional fete type of things

    1. Thanks Cheryl. You should enter. It’s great the anticipation, but with the photography there’s a lot of entrants compared to some of the crafts/floral competitions. But nice to feel part of the show as well.

  3. Looks like it was a fabulous day out with lots for the boys to do – N looks like he is having a wonderful time on the bouncy slide and on the go karts. Well done on winning a prize for photography – your flower photos are absolutely stunning so very well deserved 🙂

    1. Oh thanks Louise, lovely comment. I think shows are brilliant for children, although do take a bit of money if they’re adventurous and want to go on lots. Thankfully N’s more wary, but he did make the most of it this time.

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic time at the fair, congratulations on winning first prize, don’t spend your winnings all in one go though lol x

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