tree hugging

Hugs and kisses, and pretty girls

I was never a demonstrative child.  As far back as I can remember I hated when people came to visit and said ‘Give xyz a kiss’.  As I got older I wasn’t even keen on giving my mum a hug and kiss.  That just wasn’t me, although I did get a bit better the older I got.

I’m also better with friends now, mostly because I think people are more huggy on meeting nowadays, and lots of my friends just go in for a hug when they see you.  It’s nice, but I’d still prefer to be picky.  Some friends we hug, some we don’t.

My brother though, second child, was totally different.  At any age (with our mum at least), he’d hug and kiss on request or of his own accord.

I think N’s much more like my brother so far than either myself or the OH.

N doesn’t really get asked to hug people or kiss them.  He’s just generous with them of his own accord.

Bedtime takes a long time, although it is lovely.  He’ll open his arms for a cuddle and then negotiate how many hugs he’ll get and for how long.

He’ll give plenty of hugs to the staff at nursery, and sometimes I spot him giving friends a hug – boys or girls.  I suppose they’re ‘bear hugs’ for boys.

tree hugging
He’ll hug anything!

The OH’s been teaching him for a couple of years, ‘pretty girls’ and ‘phwoar’.  Thankfully so far, he only mostly repeats it at home, although he has made occasional comments including ‘pretty girls’, and telling his dad that there were indeed pretty girls at nursery, school, in town and on holiday.

I don’t really think that N understands pretty at all.  To him, every girl is pretty at the moment which is a relief.  I don’t really want him going up and telling people they’re not pretty girls.  Plus he says that I’m a ‘pretty girl’ which is amusing when he says it and I’m looking particularly rough, wearing scruffy clothes, no make up and horrendous bed head.

I love that he’s a prolific hugger.  Some of his cousins were the same.  But I’m sure he’ll be growing out of it pretty soon given he’s starting school, so I’m making the most of it now.

Do you have touchy feely kids or are they a bit more reserved and prefer their personal space?

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  1. I have both kind of kids, MM likes her bubble and will cuddle when she wants to but you can’t cuddle her and B will never stop cuddling you ever now but when he was little he hated being held and cuddled and MM was the opposite. So it’s been a funny switch between the two over the years. Love the hugging the tree photo so cute. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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