Walking down Conker Alley

Project 52 2019 week 41 – Conker Alley

We’re rapidly heading deeper into autumn. We’ve turned on our heating in the evenings (and the mornings although I always think it’s too hot and we don’t need it on then). And it’s been raining a lot. Here’s this week’s Project 52, we’re onto week 41.

On Sunday, it was a quiet day – similar to lots of other Saturdays. We did head to the tennis courts for junior club hour. N had decided he wanted me to play with him, rather than hitting with one of the club. There were only 2 of them there, mostly helping the younger children. So I actually ‘played’ tennis for an hour. Well, we didn’t get many rallies going, so it was probably closer to 30 minutes of actual hitting. But it was the most exercise I’ve done in a long time. It felt good (just a little back pain from standing all that time), and I didn’t ache the next day which was great. Hopefully it’ll help get me back into tennis.

I also finished my latest Wasgij puzzle and started the next one.

Monday was back to work and school. I spent the evening trebling a recipe for jammy oat slices for work the next day. Forecasting has kicked off in earnest at work. It was a manic week with lots going on and no end in sight for a few weeks.

On Tuesday it was my birthday. Whoop. The OH did a good job choosing a present – a stacking set of wicker baskets. Everyone at work loved my oaty slices, and there were a few I’d saved for home so N was happy too.

Wednesday it seems that N’s drama class was better than normal as more children were able to get involved. N decided not to audition for the Christmas key stage 2 play. Mostly because last summer’s play was really boring for the chorus who had to sit around doing not a lot in long rehearsals. Maybe he’ll re-audition next year when there’s more chance of getting a speaking role in the older years.

On Thursday not much happened. Just work and school. Although N has music lessons on Thursdays and loves those. I always get the low down afterwards. Evidently they played Toto’s Africa and various alternative versions. It’s one of his favourite songs, so he was pleased.

Friday was harvest festival and church service for school. For the first time I forgot to take in a contribution for the food bank. I felt bad for forgetting but given the last 4 years I’ve taken in a bag of food, I think I’m allowed one year of forgetting. I didn’t get to the church service because of work.

Fridays are always mad after school because of homework, unloading the dishwasher, folding dry washing, prepping tea, then heading to tennis for 5. It was raining sufficiently that N’s lesson was moved indoors, so they were playing tennis games against the walls in the sports hall.

Saturday was a normal weekend day. Morning shopping, then we had time before swimming to stop at a coffee shop. N’s swimming class was a good one. His usual teacher were away so he had his usual school swimming instructor. They had the flippers out and were doing mostly butterfly. They seemed to do a lot less swimming than usual.

N wanted to visit conker alley. A road of conker trees that we always used to visit as children to gather our conkers. It wasn’t as avenue like as I remember, but he found a lot of conkers so he was very happy. I did some more of my jigsaw, but otherwise, didn’t get much chance to sit down and relax.

This week’s Project 52 photo was taken down conker alley.

Walking down Conker Alley

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  1. Happy belated birthday to you! The conker alley looks beautiful!
    We’ve had the heating on in the mornings & evenings too, as our old house gets too damp thanks to the rain.

  2. My heating as been on a for a while! I get cold way too easily!

    Happy belated birthday!

    Glad you weren’t achey after playing tennis!

  3. we have been using heaters as well lately, object to the actual heating as it is very expensive for little heat. Prefer the oil filled radiators that plugs in the wall.
    the trees round here seem to have produced very few conkers this year.
    Glad you enjoyed the tennis knock about.

  4. Aww happy belated birthday lovely. That is a lovely photo. I pick up conkers it’s great fun and something I love to do with the kids. Sounds like a good week at tennis for N xx

  5. We have had the heating on in an evening but not on a morning. We have found if it’s warm we don’t want to get out of bed. lol
    The tennis sounds like fun!
    Happy belated birthday to you! Well done to your hubby for choosing a fab present!
    What a great place to collect conkers! We really must go and get some!

    1. Thanks. We’ve been collecting the conkers from the one tree we have that’s great in the front garden. The other younger tree didn’t have any this year.

  6. Happy belated birthday!
    What a lovely photo. I still want to pick up conkers now, but they would be rather wasted on my kids! It sounds like another good week of tennis for N – and for you!

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