Meal Planning Monday: 1st April 2013

This week’s likely to be a bit hit and miss on food, as I’m doing lots of hospital visits at the moment so food needs to be quicker than normal to prepare, and easy enough to be eaten later if required.

I’ve been a bit vague with meals as well, so the likelihood is the OH may end up eating at the farm a bit more than usual this week if I’m not around in the evenings.

Mon – Cold ham, jackets, salad.  I usually do the ham in cola, then bake it, but OH moans he doesn’t like that.  This time I used 7Up as saw a version using that kind of drink.  There was also meant to be a sauce that sounded delicious, but totally forgot to make that.

Tues (me) – cold ham probably and maybe some beef leftovers from Sunday?

Wed – Sausages & mash

Thur (me) – veg noodles/stir fry

Fri – out for pub meal

Sat – salmon or fishcakes

Sun – roast of some sort (likely beef or pork)

Today I made some apple cupcakes (just vanilla cupcakes with apple sauce inside) so they’ll be floating around for a couple of days for pudding. Otherwise, if I have time I hope to try a Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal dessert of berries/custard swirl, and maybe a chocolate surprise pudding on Saturday.

I’m joining up as usual here.

Meal Planning Monday

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    1. Hm, meal plan’s gone to pots as have been hospital visiting, so it’s been lots of cold ham. Poor nutritionally, and boring, but good for getting rid of waste!

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