Upton House Easter Egg Trail

Easter Egg Trail at Upton House

After having had most of the weekend spent indoors due to various reasons or another, I wanted to get N out on one of the Cadbury Easter Egg Trails at our nearest National Trust venue.  It’s not too far away, so there was really no excuse.  We took the youngest nephew along as well which he was so excited about.  I think N was just pleased to have his older cousin with him.

I was a bit disappointed that my voucher for free entry I had, couldn’t be used for bank holiday weekends, so the £7 entry to the gardens, plus £2 each for the trail ended up being an expensive visit for just doing the trail.  I’ve debated getting membership, but given we never go on holiday, and are unlikely to go to our local one more than once, it wouldn’t work out being worth the cost.

It was so chilly out, but the boys didn’t seem too worried.  The woodland trail was good for young children with a few activity physical places, as well as other sensory activity points (presumably for warmer weather), although we weren’t very successful at finding nest number 1 despite finding the marker.

After writing all our bird answers on the leaflet, the boys got to choose their easter egg, and we went off home for some lunch.  I think N’s cousin was most excited to be having his lunch at our house (probably less excited once he saw what was on offer for lunch – over-crisped pre-baked bread).

The two of them are so good together.  N just wants to copy his cousin and hold his cousin’s hand, and his cousin’s happy to be the leader.  I guess being number 6 of all 7 cousins mean it’s a good opportunity for him to be the eldest and show the way.

Upton House Easter Egg Trail
Upton House Easter Egg Trailing

I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can get out and about more at weekends.  At the moment I just want to hunker down in front of the wood burner.

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  1. What an amazing outdoor trail, I love the adventure play areas that the National Trust put together.

    Nipping over from Country Kids linky.

    1. Thanks for popping by. I was really impressed with the trail itself, although it is small. Our local NT is definitely more for the adults unless they’ve got a special event on like this one.

  2. That looks a lovely place to explore. We are NT members as we have quite a few places locally and when we go camping we tend to stumble across them too. So we do get the money’s worth. We didn’t do any of the trails this year though. Your boys look like they enjoyed themselves!

    1. My OH doesn’t really do holidays, so it’d need to be weekends, and they just fill up so quickly. This place isn’t the best for children, whereas I’ve got a pass to Blenheim which isn’t far and is better value for me personally, I think.
      They did love it. Reckon they’d do it every week if they could

  3. It does look chilly with that snow still on the ground too. The two boys don’t look in the least bit bothered and that woodland obstacle course looks just right for them. I love their happy smiley faces, I hope you didn’t get too cold though!

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