Arty play

Today’s been a funny day.  Initially I had plans to take N to the nearby National Trust place for an Easter Egg hunt or swimming to make up for having no swimming for a few weeks, but morning plans failed when I remembered I had an ebayer coming to pick something up.  Instead a friend and her toddler had offered to come over and play (cheer me up).

We failed at my promise to take the children down to the barns to look at the new lambs as we were chatting too much.  N was practicing his ‘mine’ grabbing, but overall he didn’t mind too much if the other toddler was using his toys (as long as he was involved with doing something else at the time).  It’s funny to watch them remembering who the other is before any playing commences.

This afternoon with the clocks having gone forward last night, I think it affected N a bit. He was doing fine until naptime which ended up later than usual (new time).  When he woke he was in a strop for an hour until tea was served on the table and he tucked in.  But before the nap we had a lovely time doing arty sensory play.

I’ve sorted out all my arts and crafts bits and pieces, and now N has a big box and a day to day box that gets left on the window ledge in the kitchen.  He decided he wanted to get the box out (I said no to painting) but wanted the Play Doh out.  I gave him a plate, a requested knife, and he spent a good while chopping and playing with that.  He’s even progressed to pretending a shape of it was a bike with a person riding it.

play doh fun

We also got out the Aquadraw set I’d got new from the nearly new sale for the bargain price of £3. All still in the box and plastic covers, it included the mat, plus a ‘brush’ and ‘stamps’ as well as the usual pens.  N really liked using it, although he did manage to tip and drink water out of the non-tip pot, as well as sucking water off the ‘brush’.  Delightful child! So a successful buy and great to see him sit still and concentrate for a good amount of time.

aquadoodle, aquadrawing

Considering it was Easter, he’s not had any chocolate today.  He was given a Kinder Surprise egg and a little pack of eggs, but hasn’t eaten any of them today.  Maybe tomorrow (luckily I’m not keen on any of the ones he has, so there’s no danger of them being eaten before he gets to them).

What’ve you been getting up to for Easter?

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