Hospital visits

Hospitals are a hard one with children.  You’re never quite sure whether you should take children in with you to visit people.  It’s a toss up between making the person in hospital happy as well as the child being able to see them, or unnerving the child by whatever they might see in the wards.

We’ve been in the last couple of days, and likely to be popping in a few more days yet.  Yesterday, N was great. He was a bit phased at first seeing the person in bed, but then he was fine, getting on the bed, playing with his toys, eating his snack and chatting to the other visitors.  He was watching what was going on (not a lot at on a bank holiday weekend even though the ward seemed busy with lots of patients and visitors in) but otherwise was quite happy.

Today was a different matter.  Yes, I’d had to wake him up from his nap to take him in (he’d already slept his usual nap length, and it was the same yesterday).  But he seemed quite happy leading the way into the right bay remembering from yesterday.  Once we got in there though and sat down it was another story.  He wasn’t sure what he wanted – no food, no drink, no toys, no sitting, no standing, no cuddles.

So the visit was cut fairly short as he stated ‘home’ and grabbed his coat.  Once his coat was on he decided to start chatting a bit, but we still decided he wasn’t having any of visiting today.

Tomorrow, I think it’ll just be me going, and hopefully on Monday he might change his mind and come with me again.

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