Full fat vs oops

The general rules for feeding children are full fat dairy til 2, then if they’re normal or overweight they can change to semi-skimmed milk.  We’re likely to keep N on full fat given that’s what his dad has and if he’s anywhere near as physical as his cousins, he’ll need it to keep up his energy.

I tend to have skimmed milk, and quite often reduced fat cheese, and would opt out of choice to use less full fat products in my cooking.  Obviously I’m now using full fat everything in cooking for N (his dad’s also pleased about that).  It does save buying two different types of foods.

But yesterday, we’d run out of (in date) kids yoghurts.  And N had been going on about having a yoghurt at lunch and then at tea.

Ah, I thought.  I’ve got greek style yoghurt that I needed for a recipe.  Perfect, we’ll use that.

Poured some out of the container into a bowl for him.  N lapped it up, asking for more.  Second bowl demolished.   I’m sure he’d have had more given the opportunity as he does love yoghurt.

It was only when I was checking for any old products in the fridge prior to shopping that I realised the greek yoghurt was actually low fat as that’s what my recipe had asked for.  Oops.

He didn’t seem too worried, and luckily it wasn’t one of the really running yoghurts that you so often see with low fat ones.

I don’t think N has to worry about not getting enough fat in his diet as I cook with olive oil, he has plenty of dairy, salmon and also has puddings most days, but when you do something like that where it’s a total mistake and unplanned, it does give you a bit of a shock and panic that you need to check what you should and shouldn’t do.

Having now gone back and read on a few guidance websites, it seems from age 2 I can pretty much give him whatever, as long as it’s well balanced, so that’s good.

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  1. Crikey, not liking cheese. Makes things hard for sandwiches!
    N’s obsessed (dangerously so) with cheese. We can’t give him something else if there’s cheese on show.

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