toddler walking holding peter rabbit toy

Trendy Tuesday – Autumn arrival brings long trousers out again

With the start of the school year last week (or earlier/later depending on your area – I was surprised at the variation in dates this year, which is insane really), it’s brought with it a definite Autumn chill to the air.

We’ve definitely had the seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness – our 2 cooking apple and 1 dessert apple tree are looking overladen with fruit, although this year there won’t be any picking of windfalls unless I actually see them fall.  Our lodger has a few dogs and revoltingly, I’ve seen one of them cocking a leg against one of the trees and doing the same on the low hanging branches.  It’s definitely better having the female dogs we have as I’ve never seen any of them loitering round the actual tree, they’ve always preferred just grabbing an apple and wondering off to chomp.

So, N’s moved from his lovely chino shorts and back into long trousers.  I’ve also got his jumpers out again, although he’s not too keen on wearing them even though he’d stayed in his jumper all day at nursery which is very unusual.

I had a bit of a panic last night wondering where all of his trousers had gone.  As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to buy a size in advance, so N’s wardrobe should be complete (apart potentially shorts for next summer) for age 3-4.  But once I’d removed all the shorts from his wardrobe and tidied them in his drawers, I had to sort through the trousers.  Thankfully they’d just been separated by a couple of t-shirts and a hoody, so I reordered them all, and he’s set.  Depending on how mucky he gets at his new nursery, I might have to pick up a couple of pairs of cheap jogging trousers for him for nursery use.  Otherwise, jeans, chinos and cords all set, along with jumpers and plentiful t-shirts.

The next thing to worry about would be more substantial shoes for winter.  His wellies still fit, and his canvas pumps will be fine for a while yet, but as the weather gets wetter, he’ll likely need proper leather shoes.  N’s now grown into his SKEANIE boots I bought when I was doing some promotion/rep activity for them, so they can be an alternative until his feet grow a bit anyway.

The problem with putting clothes away (whether in readiness of a growth spurt, or by season), is that you have to find them again.  N only has really small drawers so they’re not the best for storing bulkier jumpers and sweaters in.  Plus there’s no room in his wardrobe to hang coats…I might be requiring some kind of coat hook on the back of his door.  I did manage to find one of my favourites today for him to wear though and hopefully he’ll not get it totally filthy so he can wear it another day before washing.

toddler walking holding peter rabbit toy

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Today’s outfit:

  • Trousers – Blue Navy, courtesy of a previous NCT nearly new sale (the next one’s in a couple of weeks, so I must sort out and label up items for selling)
  • Hoody – Tu at Sainsbury’s.  This should last him through this winter as well as last, and it still looks immaculate
  • T-shirt – Tu at Sainsbury’s. Think this was a pack of 3 – these sets are great as they’re usually not much more than a fiver for the 3, and are brilliant for going underneath jumpers or for ‘doesn’t matter if they get paint on them’ days at nursery
  • Shoes – Startrite

Now all I have to hope is that his coat that someone else took home from nursery yesterday, comes back with him today.  Given it was a decent one, also still in immaculate condition, I’m really hoping the parent or grandparent realises it’s not their child’s and returns it today.

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