Project 52 2023 week 9

It’s been another quiet week now we’re back at work and school after half term. Not long to go before we’re looking forward to Easter holidays though. Just 4 school projects for N to get through.

Sunday was a quiet one. My brother popped in to say hi, then we went to town to investigate a new phone for the OH. He’ll be changing provider, but I’m the one doing all the phone research. God knows when he’ll order the actual phone. Then I read quite a lot and finished my puzzle. I was still tired after our London trip.

On Monday it was a busy work day. With an event this week, and lots of people off last week, as well as job roles changing for some people involved, it’s not been easy organising this year’s compared to normal. N had an earlier tennis lesson so it meant some was in daylight. Won’t be long before it’s lighter in the evenings again

Tuesday was the first day of our annual event at work. Bit of a surprise nightmare with Zoom, but otherwise it went well thankfully. I booked my car in to get the scratch fixed – can’t get it in for another 3 weeks though, and will have to work out how I’m getting back from dropping it off. I’m going to have to borrow one of the farm vehicles to do bus stop drop off/pick up, and football practice, as they need it for 2-3 days. Living in the sticks, we’re basically stranded without a car. I can’t even work in the office all day as there’s no bus back to our nearest village after 1.30!

On Wednesday it was the last day of our event. That’s me all done for that now as it’s passed onto someone else in future. I hate doing events, so I’m glad to get rid. It was another teachers’ strike so N was remote learning. He got through the set work in the morning then went out on the farm in the afternoon.

Thursday was a bit quieter, back at school, and quieter at work. We didn’t get up to much other than preparing dinner together.

On Friday it was a welcome end to the week. It was nice to have leftovers from the night before, which meant time for N to do some of his project. Then his tennis group – seriously cold watching. They finished their mini doubles tournament with N and his old tennis partner winning, beating each of the other pairs.

Saturday was a quiet one. Football was cancelled as they didn’t have enough players. I don’t know if that means they’re out of the cup now because they had to cancel. Poor showing given only 8 out of 16 were available to play. We did an early bakery and butcher visit, then back home to do school project work.

returnable milk bottles in village shop fridge.
Our local shop has started doing returnable glass milk bottles.

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  1. Love the milk bottles, used to love getting our milk delivered but we don’t have that service here anymore. The teacher strikes are so frustrating for us. Eliza and Isaac have both had to do remote learning too, thankfully Sebby’s school stayed open

  2. I am not keen on Easter this year, maybe because I’m too busy with my studies. I loved celebrating Pancake Day though. 🙂
    I imagine it was annoying the football cancellation.

  3. Easter is coming up quick!

    It seems like a quiet week but sometimes quiet weeks are good!

    I remember milk in bottles when I was younger and being delivered to the door.

    1. We used to have milk deliveries too. Not sure if I’ll buy these, although it’s closer than going to the vending machine near us.

  4. I only realised this week how close Easter is. Eek! Good luck to N with his school projects.
    It sounds like you were glad to get rid of doing the events at work.
    That is a shame that only half turned up for the football match.
    How wonderful to see milk in a glass bottle. We saw a couple on someones doorstep a few weeks ago and I had to explain to my youngest how years ago milk used to be delivered to most houses. x

    1. It’s definitely coming round fast. In milk terms, we obviously used to live in the old days getting deliveries. I remember how strange it was for us kids when we started getting milk from the supermarkets.

  5. How nice that some of N’s tennis lesson was in daylight. So lovely that the evenings are starting to get longer again. Hope all went well with the event – must be nice knowing you don’t have to do it again next year. Well done to N on the mini doubles tournament. What a shame football was cancelled. #project365

    1. Mega frustrating with the football. Turned out the other team were given a walkover, so we’re out of the cup after easing into the knockout rounds where we stood a great chance of doing really well. Considering we managed to put out team plus subs on both half term weekends, the cancellation was poor!

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