woolacombe beach in summer

Project 52 2018 week 30 – summer holidays

This week’s Project 52 has been hard to decide. Mainly because I’ve got over 800 photos from our 5 days away camping across 3 camera devices, so it’s been hard to choose. I do like sorting out photos, but crikey it takes a long time, and that’s before the editing and choosing them for blog posts starts.

Sunday was spent preparing for camping, shopping for last minute things, making a chilli to take with us, and packing. I’d have done more on Saturday, but the OH had a hangover and spent all day in bed, so we had to stay quiet. We ended Sunday at my sister in law’s for BBQ to celebrate the mothe rin law’s birthday from earlier in the week.

Then Monday we went off to Woolacombe for our annual camping trip with friends. It was a bigger group this time as we had 2 more coming along with their children. We returned to the campsite we were at 2 years ago (if anyone knows of any good campsites with electrc hook up nice toilets and who’ll take groups, do let me know) and had a lovely time. Usually N and I will go out and about before meeting up with all the others, but this time we only went out once because everywhere takes so long to get to in Devon. Instead, the beach was calling and with weather like this, there wasn’t much contest.

woolacombe beach in summer
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  1. No viewfinder, so hard to take photos in the sun with my phone. I ended up taking a lot and hoping some would turn out well. There’s been a lot of deletions!

    1. You’re obviously more discerning than me! I haven’t even looked at the gopro yet! There were a lot of bodyboarding shots that have been deleted.

  2. Hi Emma, no contest at all! I grew up in Devon and camping holidays in North Devon were something we enjoyed too, we barely had to travel! The windbreaker did make me smile. I’m glad to see they are still a thing.


    1. So handy living close to the coast. Yes, windbreaks are still the done thing. Although I couldn’t get mine to stay in the ground at the campsite.

    1. It got busier. That was on day one, so lots of people were still at school. Wednesday all of a sudden the car parks were packed by 10.30!

  3. The beach looks so colourful and busy. Not surprising in this weather. I’d love to escape to the seaside, if we had a chance. We will go to Cornwall later in summer, and then it will probably be cold and rainy. 🙂
    I don’t envy you sorting out 800 photos. Sounds like you had a lovely time with friends.

    1. I’d like to go to Cornwall too, but it’s such a drive. Lots of the photos were deleted, although I’ve still to get some off the gopro as well.

  4. What a fantastic photo. So much colour! I know what you mean about sorting post-holiday photos. It feels exciting at first, but then it gets tiring! I don’t take quite as many as you and I’m currently only using my phone as my camera isn’t working as well as it used to. I always try to do a first cull every evening, so it’s not such a big job when I get home.

    1. I do the same. Download from my phone regularly when at home, but not when away. It’s too hard to see photos clearly on a phone screen. There have been a lot of deletions – shooting into the sun without a viewfinder isn’t very reliable!

  5. I recognise that beach! Looks very busy. Glad you had a good time camping – doing it as a group is definitely more fun.

    1. Totally. I’d not take N on my own because he’d get bored. The beach wasn’t that busy until Thursday once all the schools had finally broken up.

  6. Woolacombe is a lovely beach, I’ve only been in winter thought when we are the only ones there!, looks a little different and warmer for you.

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