chopped rhubarb

Project 52 2022 week 20

It’s been a  funny week with the weather all over the place. There’s been a bit more going on than some weeks, and things are progressing fast towards secondary school. Here’s our project 52 week 20

Sunday I headed out early to the farm shop to get some pork as requested by the OH. I hate cooking roast pork. I find it really hard to cook the pork enough that it’s properly cooked but not overly dry. I find it much easier to cook the crackling separately but N’s decided after watching a lot of cooks on Youtube that he’s an expert, and that it tastes better when left on. Let’s just say, the crackling ended up a little bit overdone, although not too overdone to eat it.

We also had a local charity tractor run going past the farm, so N and I went down to the bottom of the drive to watch them go past. We spotted friends of ours in their modern tractor, but didn’t recognise anyone else. 

On Monday it was just a normal school day. Work was really quiet – unnervingly so. I think people are still in taking holiday mode. N was really tired after school, but soldiered through his tennis individual lesson. It was a bit of a mixed lesson, but he seemed more cheery afterwards.

Tuesday N woke feeling rough, with a bad headache and blocked nose. I knew we should have got some echinacea the day before along with the difflum spray.  A lateral flow test came back negative, and by mid afternoon he was feeling a bit more human.  I’m hoping he’s not going to be like his dad and me, as we both get headaches, although different types. He still managed to do his homework that was due for Wednesday.

On Wednesday N was back to school.  He wasn’t happy on the return after having to do his catch up during PE, rather than being allowed to do it at breaktime. Things weren’t helped by a conversation about clarifying some of his queries (read ‘rants’) about fairness, being overheard by fellow students. He was happy to go out and do some fencing with his dad in the afternoon before tea, and make friends with some new cows in the field behind.  I just had a normal work day.

Thursday I had a doctor’s appointment to ask about my leg. Ever since my second DVT 7 years ago my left leg gets a bit swollen if I don’t wear compression socks or stand around too much by the end of the day, it’s also a bit red in places, and I’ve been getting an itchy leg in the evenings. So finally got round to getting it checked out – the itchiness is a recent thing that prompted me (after googling, of course!).  At the moment, just cream to help the itching, and then cream to put on daily to help with dryness.  And might have to wear compression socks through the summer as well as winter. I live in flipflops over summer usually, so and feet got hot in socks, but maybe I’ll pick and choose when I’m at home or not. Joy.  I’ve now changed to a prepayment for prescriptions as the cream will make it worthwhile paying for on top of my warfarin. Before it wasn’t worth it. 

N’s secondary transition pack came through. Unfortunately the parents/student induction evening is on the same date as the transition day – which clashes with their school residential. So N definitely won’t be able to go. Is it too weird for parents to go without their children?  It’s annoying because he won’t get to check sizing of uniform so I’ll have to just order and hope it fits.

On Friday, I decided to strap my finger up. It’s more painful and as a left hander it’s proving to be very hard to actually do things. Chopping with a knife is interesting, and very slow with my right hand. My writing’s even worse than normal. And using a mouse with my right hand…let’s just say now I understand IT’s confusion when they take control to check stuff on my laptop because it’s on left hand mouse.

N’s tennis session was a loud one. But it is great to see how well they all get on.

Saturday it was a morning end of season football match. Kids v parents. I wasn’t going to play, but like so many things, once I got there I couldn’t resist, and loved it. It took me back to our (slightly more violent) camping holiday football games. 8-8 with some very dubious rules ‘there are no rules’. Afterwards they had awards for the season before Andrew went off into town with my brother to get his winnings from a deal they made – sausage roll from the posh bakery and a Costa milkshake.  In the afternoon it was his hair cut, then after tea he cut the OH’s hair. Looks like I’m out of a job apart from supervising (until he gets bored of doing it).

This week’s photo is of some rhubarb I bought from the farm shop.

chopped rhubarb

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  1. A local charity tractor run sounds fun to see. Well done N still doing his homework whilst feeling under the weather. My youngest keeps having colds at the moment, but not testing positive either. Think they are all exhausted coming up to the end of the school year and need a good rest over the holidays. What a same there is a clash with the dates.

  2. Sorry to hear that N was poorly, hopefully he is all ok now. What a pain that his transition day is when he is on residential. The football sounds fun

  3. Sorry that N had a day of feeling rough. Glad it was short-lived. Hope the cream helps with the itchy leg and that your finger is better soon. Frustrating that the parents/students induction evening is also on the same day as the transition day and clashes with the residential. That rhubarb looks good. #project365

  4. I struggle to cook pork too and never get perfect crackling. The tractor run sounds like fun. We’ve had one going on here today. I missed it though, my youngest seen them.
    It was well worth getting your legs checked out, I hope the cream helps.
    Ugh! That’s a shame that N won’t be able to go to the inductions evening at secondary school. It is something big to miss out on. You should still go. I remember when it was my girls induction evenings at school there was parents there without their kids, it’s worth it just to have a look at the uniform and get an idea about the sizes.
    Ohh! That rhubarb looks so good. x

    1. Yes, I think alm of us will end up going without the kids. I think I know uniform size now as asked a friend about her younger son. So hopefully won’t be too far off.

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