Listography: Six songs of me

Kate at KateTakes5 has put up this week’s listography here, and it’s a really fun one.  Lots of reminiscing on old music, and hard decisions to make about which songs to choose.  Especially hard as music I love to bop to, sing along to and seriously dance to at a proper dance freestyle can be quite different.

1. What was the first song you ever bought?

When I first started listening to music I tended to opt for compilations, so my first cassette was Hits 84 (shows how old I am!).  I don’t remember buying cassette singles, so the first CD single was Louis Armstrong – I have all the time in the World (the re-release, not the original obviously!)

2. What song always gets you dancing?

In a club I always wanted to hear Katrina & the Waves – I’m walking on Sunshine before I could leave (shows the cheesy clubs I used to frequent in my youth)

3. What song takes you back to your childhood?

Paula Abdul – Straight Up always reminds me of dancing in our dining room with my friend while we were meant to be doing our homework.

4. What is your perfect love song?

Not really sure on this, although I suppose I should say Turn Me On by Norah Jones.  We had it as our first dance at our wedding – we don’t have a song, and the night before I was playing every cd trying to find a song…this was a short one and we were getting bored and wanting to decide.

5. What song would you want at your funeral?

I’d want hymns rather than other songs at my funeral, so I’d definitely want Jerusalem.

6. One last song that makes you you.

Hmmm, not really sure but as it would have to be a song I could dance and sing along to it would have to be something like Black Eyed Peas – I gotta feeling.  It makes me really happy when I hear it.

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    1. No idea. That was the only one I ever bought, then I got into the Now ones, so I expect they did just change and take over. Love compilation albums!

  1. Until tonight I had no idea how popular Katrina and the Waves was/is!
    I do love Norah Jones my OH calls her Boring Norah and I don’t play her very often anymore but I used to find her so relaxing.

    1. Ha ha, love that Boring Norah. Think my OH would say the same. I can’t listen to too much of her, but the occasional song is great, and I used to love the duet she did with Dolly Parton.

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