westminster cathedral

Project 52 2023 week 45

It’s been a busy working week, largely miserable weather, the continued conflict in Gaza, and the threat of another Icelandic eruption. But it’s another week of Project 52, and I’ve started my Christmas shopping properly. Here’s our week.

On Sunday I slept really badly and woke with a headache being too hot. I’d already woken at 1.28 thinking I was going to be sick but wasn’t thankfully. N had club tennis so at least getting outside in the fresh air helped a little bit. We had to buy more skins for him for football training, and it seems we’ll need a trip to the specialist sports shop for new tennis trainers too. I must dig out the old skins and put them on Vinted. 

Monday was a busy work day after a few days off. My 2 big items sold on Vinted – yay. Although one is N’s sale, so I’ll need to remember to pay him.

On Tuesday, I was up very early for the Tesco Christmas delivery slots. Usually I log on around 15 minutes before and find I’m an hour or more in the queue. But I was going to London for work, so needed to have it done fast. So I was up at 5.15, but then ended up having to wait til 5.44 for the waiting page to load. Thankfully it only took around 20 minutes, so all my slots booked up til Christmas. Phew.

Then into London early. The train was rammed compared with normal, but the tube journey was nice and easy, and a short walk to the venue. It was good to see everyone, and meet some new people. Then I stayed for a drink in the pub afterwards, before heading home. It was a long day – extended by the painful traffic where the train station car traffic joins in. So I was quite late home. An early night needed.

Wednesday was busy at work again. My slipper totally broke across the sole. I’ve never had that happen before, and there was plenty of wear left in them so it’s a shame. I had to do a quick Amazon next day delivery to get a new pair. I can’t live without slippers at this time of the year. 

In the evening it was football practice. They were a few people short, but it was a good run around for them. 

On Thursday, I broke out the thermal top. I might have to get a couple more this winter. I started adding some Christmas items to my food shop, things with a long shelf life so I know they’re bought and not left til the last minute. The school bus was super late this morning and afternoon. Evidently there’s bridge closures in the starting town, so everything’s been delayed. Not helpful for planning work.

Friday was a short working day. I had my INR appointment again. After a year of having stable readings within range, last week it jumped (probably due to my Covid/flu jabs a couple of weeks before that). This week it was still too high, so back again to check it next week

On Saturday it was football match day again, third attempt after water logged pitches. We knew it was going to be a tough match, but the boys played some good football. Some dodgy reffing from their ref. So, we’re out of the cup, but back to league matches now, and we need to get some wins in. By the time we got home after grabbing some lunch, it was homework time. 2 projects, 2 homework items, all for Monday. I totally panic about them being left til the last minute. Especially when there’s been so many options for working and completing them much earlier to have more free time now. The OH was out on a shoot so we decided on chilli con carne for dinner which he won’t eat. It was going to be going out for curry, but N has so much homework he needs to be sorting that out first.

westminster cathedral

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  1. Glad you managed to get your Christmas delivery slot. How annoying about your slipper breaking across the sole – thank goodness for Amazon next day delivery. I’m the same with needing slippers at this time of year. Glad N finally got to play a football match but shame his team are out of the cup. Nice to have a trip into London. Lovely photo of Westminster Cathedral. #project365

  2. I hate homework, I have several student I support in school as they don’t get the help at home and despite having access to everything I need, I still get in a stress about it. Your trip to London with work sounds like a nice change of scene especially with the drinks afterwards. Hope the bridge troubles in town are sorted now with the bus so N isn’t having to hang around in the cold.

    1. Thankfully it was down to an accident so all cleared after the day. I do like a trip to London, but it was a shame I didn’t get to see any Xmas decorations as it was a bit early.

  3. How frustrating that your slippers broke. I haven’t broken out the warm jumpers yet, its still to mild here. I am looking forward to some frosty mornings now.
    I keep stalking the news for the eruption in Iceland, but its making us wait

  4. Oh I have never had a slipper break across the sole either!

    Good on you starting the Christmas shopping. We don’t celebrate Christmas but I do like the festive atmosphere with all the lights etc

  5. Well done on starting the Christmas shopping. It does sound like a busy week for you.
    I never even bothered with Tesco this year. I have an Asda slot for the 23rd and a Sainsbury’s one a few days before so I’m good. I am glad you got booked up!
    I am glad you got the football match out of the way, such a shame they’re out of the cup but at least now they can focus on the league. x

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