Netflix queen charlotte costumes at blenheim palace

Queen Charlotte costume displays at Blenheim Palace

One thing I love about having an annual pass for local attractions is it means you can just drop in when you fancy. Rather than having to book tickets, and make sure you stay a full day to get the most out of it. My latest visit to Blenheim Palace was fleeting, but purely to see the Netflix Queen Charlotte costume displays.

Netflix queen charlotte costumes at blenheim palace

This is the second or third exhibition I’ve been to over recent years at Blenheim which was for costumes from tv or film shows.  Handily, there’s also a film and tv at Blenheim tour you can do – following the downloaded information and reading the signs about the different shows that the palace and grounds have featured in.

Previously I’ve been to the Crowns and Coronets, and the exhibition featuring costumes from The Favourite.  This recent exhibition features costumes from the Netflix Bridgerton spin off Queen Charlotte although I think it’s probably now been taken over by the upcoming Christmas displays. If you’re a Bridgerton fan it’s definitely worth looking out for similar exhibitions in future.

entrance walkway to Blenheim palace courtyard
pink hydrangea

I went early, ready for when the palace itself opened, so avoiding the half term crowds.  I was one of the first through the doors, and as I’ve already seen the palace rooms many times before, I could just move through to see the costumes in peace.  I think the staff probably wondered how I got through so fast (and yes, I was probably in and out in under 25 minutes), but I was focused.

entrance hall at blenheim with high ceiling pillars and large patterned rug

The costumes take you through the different phases of Charlotte’s outfits through the journey in her marriage to King George. There’s information telling you about what happens at that point in the series. It’s quite poignant to remember, especially the final behind the bed scene, how their marriage changed, and how she supported him through his illness.

white ornate wedding dress worn by Charlotte before her wedding
pink dress worn by Queen Charlotte and King George's outfit in Netflix show
2 Queen Charlotte dresses and long cape on display in Blenheim palace room
ornate white dress worn in Netflix Queen Charlotte show

In the long library at the end I was lucky enough to get chance to hear the organ being played as they were either tuning it or practising.

looking down the long library at blenheim towards the organ

As I was there over Halloween week, there was a couple of spooky displays set up as well which was a bit of fun to see.

A different exit to normal, not via the chapel, and I was back out in the courtyard again.

far side view of blenheim palace frontage and steps
ironwork gate with gold accent overlooking trees

It’s always good when there’s sunshine after showers, because it makes for some good photo opportunities trying to make the best of the puddle reflections.

puddle reflections of 3 statues on blenheim palace roof
curved honey coloured front of windows and pillars with pale reflections of windows in puddles

I was leaving Blenheim as most people were just arriving, but it meant I still had most of the day free to enjoy and catch up with other things I needed to do.

Hopefully I’ll be back over the Christmas period too to see the palace displays and visit the Christmas market.

Have you visited any similar exhibitions recently?

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