neon christmas signs on store display

Project 52 2023 week 46

This week’s been all about work. This time of year is always particularly busy, and it’s definitely been, but we’re getting there. The weather could do with cheering up – it’s just rain, rain and more grey skies. I’ve not managed any blogging other than writing drafts. I’m missing photos, so they’re on hold for publishing until I can sort pictures out.

Here’s our week 46 for Project 52.

On Sunday I needed to head into town for a couple of bits, after going to the farm shop. Because if there’s a match the day before it means Sunday is always picking up the things I didn’t get to do on Saturdays, so it never feels like I get a break. The rest of the day was spent nagging at N to do his projects. He did get one done, and one mostly done except for a final bit he left, so that was good.

Monday was the start of a busy working week. The run up to publication date is always a nightmare, so it’s lots of late nights and non stop in the day.  I nipped out at lunchtime to drop off a few parcels. 

On Tuesday, N was like a packhorse going to school. 2 boards of project work, PE kit, and bread ingredients for food tech. He said he felt very free not having any homework hanging over him. He wasn’t very impressed with the bread rolls they made. Too dense and not enough chance to prove. Evidently his kneading skills impressed 

Wednesday N managed to bump his forehead as he was getting into the car. It came up in a small bump pretty fast, and he said he felt a bit tired at school. Always a bit worrying when you don’t know how they’re doing straight after a bump. But he still did football club after school, and then football team training too. Hopefully a good sleep will help. I had to get more work done after training, so it’s a long day.

On Thursday it was busy again. Thankfully not quite as late working. I had my INR – thankfully yay, it’s come back down into range. But not sure if that was monthly hormones as that seems to drop my reading. Hopefully it’ll stay down for my next check in 2 weeks.

Friday it was breathe a sigh of relief as the report was done. Well mine, we’ll see how the others are on Monday.  We’re getting there and certainly deserve a celebration afterwards. It was a short working day that ended up not being so. N’s tennis was cancelled as there was no coach which is a shame. Although the weather’s certainly been chillier so it wouldn’t have been nice to play in. I cooked a nice Toad in the Hole for tea (with plain sausages and mash for the OH). N made some bread rolls to see if he could better the ones he made in school.

Work might have gone well, but obviously the senior moments have arrived. I posted parcels for my best friend, godson, and her daughter earlier in the week, but today got an email from Parcel2Go asking me to contact a man because he had been delivered my parcels. Oops, turned out after posting parcels with no issues over the years, I’d managed to put in an 8 instead of a 7 for the house number. At least he’s good to drop them off and was honest enough to contact the delivery company. I should have just paid the Royal Mail postage – at least they might have had a regular postie who recognised the name was wrong.

On Saturday thankfully my parcels were dropped off at my friends’. We had an early trip into town to check out the Christmas offering at The Range before N’s football match. Their first half was good, the second went to pots. They had 2 disallowed goals, and everything was blown against them. So not a result they wanted in the end after starting so well.

N realised he needed new metal stud football boots, so tried a Nike Outlet store at another town.  A bit of a wasted trip as they’re all moulded in there (not a great shop – no size organisation, and like a jumble sale). So back to Sports Direct – although of the under £100 boots there were only 2 size 7 pairs available, and only one that fitted. So that was more money than I’d hoped to spend. There was nothing on Vinted either, and given there’s no time before next Saturday’s match, I’ve had to say they’ll be part of his birthday present.

neon christmas signs on store display

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  1. N did sound like a packhorse with all that to take into school. Were the bread rolls he made at home better? Glad he was okay after bumping his head. That’s good that the person who got the parcels got in contact and they got to the right place in the end. #project365

  2. Ouch to the cost of the football boots, but he does get a good amount of wear out of them. We rarely get parcels or even any post these days, despite me sending a lot and I always use Royal Mail.

  3. I am sick of this weather, I just want some sunshine.
    You have been busy at work.
    Oops with the parcels. I keep getting parcels for next door even thought the address is right. It’s the delivery people at fault, being in such a rush.
    Ugh! That is a shame about the football boots. x

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