Getting ready for school

School days – star of the week and anti-bullying

Another school week gone by. We were at the school gate, amazed that we’re already so far past half term. But it’s been another week of nativity rehearsals and learning, which included Children in Need day.

Star of the week

N announced he was awarded star of the week this time. No certificate has appeared (he thinks it’s in his drawer) so he can’t remember what he awarded it for.

Multiskills event

N had a day off ill on Monday. He’s had an ongoing cough for weeks, got it checked by the Doctor (it’s definitely not a chest infection), but the cold came out last Sunday – he could hardly breathe  and didn’t eat much tea, as well as coughing more again.  By the afternoon, of course he was back to his normal bouncy self.

Luckily it meant he was well enough for the primary schools’ multiskills day on his return. Autumn term always has lots of interschool events.  N loves this one.  There’s lots of different activity stations for each team to do.

He told me his team did well and got certificates.  Again, they’ve not been brought home, so we’ll see when they arrive.

Everytime the schools get together, I ask if he’s seen any kids he knows from other schools.  He always says no, but this time he spotted a girl from swimming. How I have no idea because he only sees her in the pool, and doesn’t appear to have ever talked to her.  Supposedly he recognised her hair. Impressive.

Anti-bullying talk

This week N’s school had a man in to talk about bullying. It really stuck with N. When he was telling me the man’s story of being bullied at school for 3 years, how he sat outside the headmaster’s office until they finally listened, I could see his eyes welling up with tears.  N thought it was really sad how someone was bullied for so long and how they could still remember it so clearly.  Hopefully it will stick with him throughout his school life and make an impact on the way he chooses to act towards people throughout life.

Getting ready for school

Children in Need

Friday was the ubiquitous Children in Need day.  Pjs and onesie day which N loves.  Instead of the usual cake sale, they went healthy and did a morning ramble around the village at morning drop off.

N had a lot of stuff that day (my little pack horse), what with forest school gear, his teddy and a game to play in their fun slot for the day.  Oh and the money we sent in from his dad and me.  He was all for pocketing one of the notes for himself, so I had to make sure he would had it all in!


Not school but still swimming lessons. They had a treat this week.  In school swimming it was just N’s year group so he got to move up to the next group (they usually have 3 groups with the majority of year 2 in the bottom group)

But on Saturday his class got to try out flippers to help their kicking style. Us parents looked amazed at the side of the pool while the children whizzed from one side to the other in only a few seconds.  N loved being able to swim so fast.  He’s pretty quick with a float anyway, able to overtake most of the kids in the class from behind, but flippers were amazing.

Swimming twice a week – normal lessons and with school, has really helped N’s swimming. He now does proper breathing (calm rather than frantic), can swim half a width of the pool underwater and loves it when they go down to the deep end to do jumping in.  I’m still not convinced when he adds front crawl arms – hopefully he’ll be able to last for 25 metres next time they do a distance test.

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