flower photography set up

Project 365 2017 week 46 – flower photography and crochet

It’s week 46 of Project 365, and I’ve a real mix of photos this week. Thankfully this week N has agreed to some photos, so at least I’ve managed to get some of him.

On Sunday we visited the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley. We had a lovely time exploring all the old buildings.

helter skelter at black country museum

On Monday it was a normal work day.  After a colleague went home one of the guys decided to have a bit of fun with a random monkey in the office.

toy monkey up a tree

On Tuesday N was on fire. Reading homework, english homework, and the he did 5 worksheets he’d asked me to print off for him. He does love a worksheet – maths especially.

school run maths worksheets

On Wednesday it was a colleague’s birthday, and she brought in this amazing cupcakes for everyone. They tasted good as well as looked great.

strawberry cupcake

This week has been all about paper aeroplanes. I’ve no idea why N is so obsessed, but he’s been making them at after schol club, at Granny’s and at home. And using up everyone’s printer paper as well.

paper aeroplane airport

On Friday N wanted to learn to crochet. Well, knitting really, but I’ve not done that since primary school and don’t have any knitting needles. So crocheting it was.  Chain stitch is a bit boring, but he pulls it really tight, so needs to keep it a bit looser before I try and teach him granny squares. It’s also not easy because I’m a left hander and I’m having to teach him right handed.

learning to crochet

On Saturday it was another shoot day on the farm, so I was on my own again. After I dropped off N at the shoot, I nipped to town for a couple of bits, a Christmas flavour hot chocolate (gutted they didn’t have any gingerbread syrup though), and some flowers for my flower photography lesson.  Here’s my set up.

flower photography set up
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    1. Just for show the planes. Thankfully they’ve been scrunched up into a smaller pile now.

      The monkey, I think was left by someone who went on maternity leave – but it just seems to have appeared recently which is very odd.

  1. The Black Country Museum is fab isn’t it? It’s about 6 miles from us, so a very easy day trip. If you’d like to save your printer paper, I’d recommend one of the Usborne Books paper aeroplane books – they have preprinted sheets with cool designs and there is more than one style of plane you can make.

  2. Well done to N for his homework enthusiasm! Love his paper aeroplanes too. My boys went through a stage of being obsessed with them at a similar age. My brother-in-law used to make loads of different sorts for them. That cupcake does look delicious.

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