With a 4 day bank holiday weekend in the latter part of half term for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, the question is what we’re all be getting up to. 

There’s plenty going on around here with special events in villages and in the towns. Our village is doing an event on the Sunday (not good for going to work on Monday – I’d have preferred a Saturday). Except I seem to have forgotten to reply on the very early rsvp date, so I guess we won’t be going to that.  N turned up his nose at the town jubilee event, so it might just be staying at home. I think one of our hills may be being used to light one of the village beacons, and there’s another hill near us being used for the other village, so we might head out to see one of those being lit. The OH will be working as usual on bank holidays and weekends, so we may just have some time spent in the garden.

The Queen’s had an amazing innings with 70 years on the throne. It’s worth celebrating. If the weather’s going to be good, a BBQ or some kind of picnic would be great to enjoy the outdoors. Because food always seems to taste better when eaten outdoors, and meals are so much more relaxed.

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Jubilee meal ideas

Savoury jubilee meal ideas could include coronation chicken (why not try a curried marinade for chicken drumsticks on the bbq), quiche, ploughmans with a selection of cold meats.

As for summer puddings. I quite like the sound of the winner of the jubilee dessert competition – lemon and amaretto trifle. I’m not sure I’ll be making it but maybe I’ll do a normal trifle instead.or simply Eton Mess which is quite often my go to summer dessert.

As a snack board or even a (slightly healthy) dessert why not try a jubilee fruit platter or sweet charcuterie board.

Jubilee fruit platter ideas

Grazing boards are obviously popular at the moment, in particular dessert charcuterie boards. You can use any foods you want to create your artistically places foods. You could add dips like a sweetened cream cheese, or a melted chocolate for dipping your fruit into.   Provide small plates or little bowls and everyone can dig in as they want.

Sticking with the Platinum jubilee theme, I chose as near as I could get to red, white and blue.  (It’s hard to find blue food, but not impossible).  For the white you want to adapt the ingredients depending on the size of your board. The British flag is quite complicated to fit all the colours in place. My board was quite rectangular so I had to sit the raspberries on top of the white in some places rather than next to them.

Fruit ingredients

Red: strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, watermelon slices, cherries, red grapes

White: white chocolate drops or buttons, marshmallows, popcorn, melon balls or pear slices, white fudge pretzels, coconut, yoghurt covered raisins

Blue: blueberries, blackberries, black grapes

ingredients for jubilee fruit board
My marshmallows were too large, if you have a bigger board they’d be great.

What you need for a dessert platter:

How to make your jubilee sweet charcuterie board

1. Chop larger pieces of fruit to make them easier to place

2. Hull your strawberries.

3. Lay out your red St George’s cross (horizontal and vertical cross)

4. Depending on the size of your board, lay out your red diagonal cross (if your board is smaller, you might need to have your red fruit on top of your white layer).

step 1 of fruit board union jack design

5. Lay your white items alongside the red edges either side. I used fudge pretzels for the diagonals, popcorn for the vertical and horizontal. I added a few small chocolate drops to fill gaps.

adding white parts of the union flag in fruit

6. Then fill in the triangular gaps with blue fruits.

queen's jubilee flag in fruit

7. Place on the table, add any dips alongside.

These fruit platters or charcuterie boards are really versatile.  If you’re not celebrating the jubilee, why not change it to create a 4th of July dessert charcuterie board instead. A US flag looks effective, or just stick with using the colours and creating a red, white and blue themed board. You can add themed flags or parasols as decorations.

jubilee charcuterie board

As an alternative to a board, you could make a sweet version of my loaded savoury tart. Just spread nutella on a rolled puff pastry base, bake until the pastry is cooked through, then top with the fruit you want to include, and drizzle with melted white chocolate. It’s easier to spread the nutella on a raw pastry  base. But you could melt it more to pour and spread on a cooked base, then add the fruit.

A plain vanilla sponge traybake would also work well, with a cream cheese or buttercream icing, topped with the fruit.

What would you add to your own sweet charcuterie board for the jubilee?

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  1. I think there’s something going on here every day during half term to celebrate the Jubilee which sounds like fun.
    The fruit platter looks so good and it’s heathy too. x

    • Emma

      Will be nice to have lots of activities to choose from. Hope you find something that suits you all

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