sunrise in December with crescent moon

Project 365 2015 week 50

It’s week 50 of Project 365, and my photos this week are a game of two halves.  The first half of the week is random photos, with the last few being N.  It really shows the split of most weeks, where the first half he’s in morning and afterschool club, while at the end of the week he’s at home for longer before and after school.

On Sunday I went to National Trust’s Upton House for a wander round, and on returning bumped into N on the way back from a walk with his Gran and our dog. ¬†We spotted this final beautiful rose left in the garden hanging on for dear life.

pale pink rose final one in the garden

On Monday it was our reception mums meal out at a local pub.  The menu hadn’t been my favourite choices by any means, but it was all delicious, and the soup just looked so pretty.

butternut squash soup at The Castle Edge Hill

Wednesday saw yet another gorgeous sunrise.  I even managed to catch the crescent moon in the sky at the same time.

sunrise in December with crescent moon

On Wednesday I was on a mission to do jobs in town at lunch time, and thought the town hall clock looked really striking against the grey sky.

Banbury town hall clock tower

On Thursday I picked N up from after school club.  He was fairly quiet there, but I get him home and he turns into a bit of a loony.  He likes to shut himself in the kitchen corner cupboard – it’s so noticeable to see how much he’s grown since he started doing it.

shut in the cupboard doors

It’s definitely getting to the end of the full term at school.  N’s fallen asleep 3 times on the sofa this week before bedtime, and it’s not helping with the early mornings.  I think we’ve had 4.20 (OH heard him going downstairs and getting his advent chocolate), and 5am several times.  He really needs to sleep in til normal time, but he just ignores the gro clock.  This time was on Friday.  We were going out, and he took himself to bed even before 7pm when his uncle was coming to babysit.  Note how he didn’t let go of his fan he’d made.

aslep on the sofa

On Saturday it was the last swimming session of the year.  They always have a fun swim session with lots of floats, body boards, woggles and balls but because it was Christmas they had the Christmas lights on and Christmas music.  N spends most of his time on a frog float, but he and his friend P do enjoy repeatedly jumping in as well.  He always moans that he hates swimming lessons. That doesn’t ring true when I see him grinning away in lessons and doing exactly what the teacher says.  But I think it’s that he doesn’t like having teachers tell him what he should be doing.  He prefers to do things when he wants too.  Luckily he’s obedient too and understands that he’ll have lessons until he’s a strong enough swimming not to need to.

final fun swimming session

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  1. i love the photo of the clock tower and lol at your son still thinking he can hide in the corner kitchen cupboard

  2. does not seem to be much soup in the bowl it is all edge.
    Bless him for falling asleep, wee monkey getting up at that time of the morning.
    Glad he is enjoying his swimming, a good life skill to learn

  3. The children are so tired at this time of year coupled with the excitement at school it all goes bonkers for them – and us! That soup does look really pretty and how lovely you go out with the mums from school.

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