old fashioned swing boats at banbury show

Project 52 2018 week 24 – swingboats

We’re into week 24 of swing boats, and we’ve had another dry week weather wise. We’ve had a few drops of rain, but nothing lasting although the clouds keep threatening. It’s been a fairly uneventful week for us.

Here’s week 24 of Project 52.

Sunday was a hot day spent at the Banbury show – lots of fun, rides and watching displays in the big park in town. We usually bump into lots of people we know there but not this year. Instead, we were watching the civil war display in the main ring and the person next to me asked if I was Emma. It was someone local who I often talk to on twitter about something or another. Was lovely to meet her (and she’s certainly better at recognising people than I am! N loved the rides (although for the first time ever didn’t ask to go on the swingboats which he usually loves. Instead it was all about the huge bouncy slides and go karts.

old fashioned swing boats at banbury show

The working week was a mix of good and mortifying. Thursday was obviously the day for sending the wrong emails to people. I was asked (via an email trail) to send a delayed publication email out to a group of external people, did so including the attachments without checking them, and then got a gripey email because the attachment informed people in the distribution list about something they should have been told first. Terrible and I think the worse thing I’ve done in all my working years.  Thankfully everyone at work was fine about it.

Other than that, it’s been an uneventful week.  N’s tennis is coming on and he’s had to move up a racket size, which seems to have also helped. Then my car had to go in for brake pads and discs. Hopefully no more car expense this year.

Let’s hope next week is a little less stressful.


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  1. good to hear N is enjoying his tennis and sounds like he’s developing nicely. i’ve found myself in a facebook chat group for a mutual friends surprise 50th party, everyone is originally from twitter, most people knew who i was, I’m struggling to work out who they are on twitter lol

  2. Vintage-style swing boats looks so colourful! Don’t think I’ve been in one since my childhood. How lovely that someone recognised you at the fair.
    Oups re: sending the wrong emails.

  3. Oh dear! Sorry to hear about the work cock-up! Glad it was all OK. I’ve had a couple of people unexpectedly recognise me through blogging and social media – it’s very strange when it happens.

  4. I haven’t seen swing boats since I was a kid! I just love love love the paint work on them!!

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