project 365 week 29

Project 365 photo a day – week 29

I struggled a few days this week with project 365.  Some days I take millions (well, maybe hundreds), of photos like yesterday when N was happily playing in the garden.  But several nights this week, N’s been out straight from nursery with his dad on the farm, meaning I’ve not been with them to take photos.

There’s also only so many places I can walk to on a lunch time, so I kind of run out of photos to take.  Maybe I’ll start taking photos of dodgy characters or outfits I see while out and about.  Anyway, here’s this week’s photos for week 29.

project 365 week 29

Sunday was our local NCT’s Cheeky Monkey Tea Party.  I volunteer to help with their website and social media, so I was also helping at this event.  N was a star as he was just roaming while I was on the raffle/refreshments stall.  He was quite happy riding around on a trike and then spent ages with the messy play stuff.  At one point I noticed him sitting in the middle of a tuffspot full of cornflakes.

Monday was a chilling out morning. N didn’t want to get up so spent time chilling in bed with me.

Tuesday and I spotted the first of our tomatoes.  So exciting as they’re the first fruit or veg I’ve ever managed to grow.  N’s really excited too, and he goes over and checks them every so often. We’ve got lots of flowers, and so far 11 tiny tomatoes.  Hopefully we’ll get some on each plant as we’ve got 2 grobags of plants.

Wednesday and we spent some time out in the garden in the evening.  Whenever we’re out in the garden, the cows always come over to have a nosy and see what’s going on.  The sun wasn’t in the best place for me to get photos but I loved this one as the calves just seemed to be poking their heads through to be in the picture.  It is funny the way some of the cows really seem to like coming to pose for photos.

Thursday was another day that N spent time playing with his ‘new’ Britains farm models that he’s been given by my brother.  We’ve been clearing some of the bits from my mum’s roof, and we found boxes of my brother’s Britains farm toys.  All in immaculate condition (I bet he’s gutted he’s not got the original boxes), so N’s only been given a few pieces in the hope that he’ll play nicely with them, and they won’t get as wrecked as those that his dad and other uncle still have to for the children to play with over at the farm.  He’s been really good putting the toys back in the boxes they were in after playing with them, but I think they’ll only be got out occasionally while he’s this young.

Friday and despite the major thunderstorms in the evenings, we had another beautiful day.  We put out the paddling pool and borrowed the lodgers’ hose and outdoor tap to fill it up, then N decided he wanted to go down to the farm to find what the men were up to.  Hence the swimwear being worn on the quad bike.  Seeing this photo makes me remember how much N’s grown this year, as now he doesn’t have to stretch as far to reach the handlebars

Saturday has been mostly wet.  N didn’t care, he wanted to go out and see the paddling pool first thing, so wellies on and water proofs.

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  1. i think you do well to get photos most days, I just do a round-up with my 365 as some weeks the pickings are very scarce. That is a lovely farm set your little boy has been given. Mich x

    1. He’s very lucky with the farm models. Think the OH’s put them away now. He’s worried about N damaging them when my brother kept them in such good condition

  2. Looks as though your boy is definitely a farmer in the making! Love the pic of him playing with the tractors. I was the same with project 365 this week, really tough sometimes isn’t it?

    1. You’re right. Definitely wants to be a farmer.

      I do wonder how hard it’s going to be back in the autumn/Winter. So much harder then to take photos as less light and less colour to attract me to take photos

  3. Sometimes it’s really hard to find something inspiring to take photos of isn’t it, I often find I’m just taking the same photos day in day out but when you look back on them you never see them like that, you see them as wonderful memories 🙂

    I’ve completed 6 365 projects now and I cherish every single photo – even the ones I think are crappy (they usually end up being my fav)!

    Yay to growing tomatoes! I’d kill a plant just by looking at it, which is a real shame as I would love to be able to grow my own 🙂

    1. Wow, 6 years is some going. You’re right about all of them being special.

      I’m usually the same with plants. Maybe this is the way forward for my green fingers…although I’ve forgotten to water the tomatoes again tonight. Ooops. Must remember tomorrow morning

  4. How lovely that you were able to recycle some old toys like that. Ooh lovely that you have grown some tomatoes, we did last year but this year I didn’t get myself organised.

    1. This is my first year, so really excited about them. Last year’s strawberries didn’t work, and the sunflowers this year were eaten or died too.

    1. Would be quite interesting to do, although quite often they’re moving targets so would make it hard to get a decent shot, especially without being noticed

  5. Still, even despite your struggle they are beautiful images. When I did my 365, I found that getting creative with macro images helped to bridge the gap sometimes.

    1. Good idea. I guess my problem is more that when I take some macro images like flowers, it always seems to coincide with a day when I take lots of photos anyway. Just have to remember to take shots in the mornings sometimes, rather than realising at the end of the day I’ve taken none!

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