#365 project 365 week 15

Project 365: Photo a day week 15

Bit of a last minute rushed round up of the week.  But there’s been a bit more activity wise as it’s lighter in the evenings.  It’s now a struggle to get N in after nursery as he always wants to see what his dad’s doing in the farmyard.

#365 project 365 week 15

Sunday: We tested the Dyson DC45 Cinetic and N loves it.  Well really, he just loves doing any housework (cleaning the bath, the sink, hoovering etc), but he can move this one all over the place.  I’m hoping he’ll continue to want to help out (or can be bribed) as he gets older and better at it!

Monday: This week N’s been getting out the puzzles out a lot more than normal.  He actually made it through this full 45 piece puzzle without getting bored and wrecking it halfway through.  It’s funny as he’ll rarely do one on his own.  Even though he can, it’s like he wants to have someone there to tell him how well he’s doing and to talk him through which bits to look out for.

Tuesday: N loves The Gruffalo.  I’ve promised him we’ll go and do the Gruffalo trail at Wendover Woods, and he saw these in the window at Waterstones and said he wanted one.  I agreed that if he filled his toilet training button jar he could have one instead of a Tractor Ted dvd.  Because I was worried they wouldn’t have any left by that point, I picked them up the other day (I really wanted to get the witch from Room on the Broom!) and hid them on the top of my dresser.  Needless to say he’s already spotted them, but hasn’t tried to get them himself.

Wednesday: Even though the mornings are fairly light, N’s been sleeping in a bit later.  He’s still up and in with me after his dad goes out to work early, but has been sleeping until 6.30 rather than 6.15!  This morning he was obviously very relaxed, although his snoring did wake me

Thursday: If N can’t go out on the tractor or do ‘jobs’ with his dad after nursery, he likes to sit and play on the doorstep.  Probably not the best place in case he wanders off, or someone driving in misses seeing him, but he’s not yet wandered off yet.  Luckily he’s quite noisy at playing, so I can hear him when I’m unpacking lunchboxes in the kitchen.  If it goes quiet I know I need to go and check what he’s up to.  Fern likes to be with people so she always comes to meet the car as we drive in.  N’s not keen on dog kisses though.

Friday: It’s been a chip week in our house.  It just so happened that we had 3 days of chips  (although only one from the chippy), thanks to meal planning going a bit awry.  I’ve not quite got back into the OH working late evenings yet, so need to get on the ball with that.  It means hopefully I’ll have to rush less after work to get tea on the table.

Saturday: It was a day of outdoor play.  After being at Coombe Country Park with friends, N went out on the tractor with his dad, then wanted to play outside in the garden.  This picture of him climbing in the Cosy Coupe just reminds me how much he’s grown since he had it.  At first he struggled to get in, but now it’s like he has to fold himself in.  How older children manage to scrunch themselves in, I have no idea!

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  1. what a helpful boy he is helping to clean!
    we havent done a Gruffalo trial yet BUT we have done our own Gruffalo hunts that I made up!! Although we will be going to the ones held by the Forestry commision soon.
    i am finding it hard telling the boys it is bedtime when it is still light and it is harder for me to sneak off too!

    1. Wow, doing your own Gruffalo hunt’s impressive. bet it went down well.

      Seems a lot of people struggle with the light for their children. Think mine’s definitely in the minority. Thanks for commenting

    1. Think it’s a great idea, bringing books to life, and some interest to what could be boring walks for children. Percy sounds like a good idea as at least that can be a real person.
      Thanks for commenting

  2. It is so much lighter than our old Henry. I wasn’t a fan of that compared to the Dyson which is so much easier to drag round.

  3. Gosh your post has brought back memories of my son at that age. He’s now 10. He loved housework then too. Now he’ll only help me round the house if he’s paid. And then he negotiates on price…

    1. I’d be expecting that when he’s older. Hopefully it can tie in with pocket money, rather than that on top of pocket money!

  4. He looks so peaceful. My girls keep telling me it’s not bedtime until dark little pickles lol they will try anything to stay up later x #365

    1. Thankfully N does like his sleep and doesn’t get impacted by the change in time. He just always wants to see his dad before bed, and now the evenings are lighter, his dad works later on the farm. Luckily stories just about suffice.

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