climbing the snowy fence

Project 365 2017 week 50

Only a couple of weeks to go for Project 365, and this week features a lot of unexpected snow for this time of the year.

On Sunday we had a lot of snow.  About a foot, certainly in places over welly boot height (or at least my shorter wellies).  N was in his element – he spent about 6 1/2 hours out in it (not just in his Christmas jumper)

climbing the snowy fence

On Monday it was a snow day off school and N spent most of the day outside again. The puppies were loving the snow, and N did try to sweep and dig away the snow from the drive.

out in the snow with puppies

On Tuesday it was N’s nativity play. His last one because next year he’ll be doing a normal Christmas performance rather than nativity.  This pony turned up to play the donkey which the children loved so much.

shetland pony in the nativity

On Wednesday I yet again had internet issues. I’d had them 2 weeks ago, and then twice this week we’ve had no signal in the evenings. I was told it was probably down to electricty, like Christmas lights. Er no. Thankfully it seems to be better on Saturday, so I’m just hoping that’s it. It’s not great as a blogger not being able to get on the internet!

rubbish internet speed test

On Thursday N came back from after school club with a giant reindeer marshmallow. It was messy, and he could only eat half of it, so I finished it off.

eating reindeer marshmallows

On Friday I wanted to try some shaped bokeh photos. Of course N wouldn’t be in the photo so I had to make do with a nativity character. These were my freehand hearts, I just need to edit the versions I took using proper shape cutters.

angel and christmas lights bokeh

On Saturday N got me up early because he wanted to show me the dance his class did in the school dance competition. It was a line dance, and it was so sweet to watch him. He doesn’t have bad timing considering he decided to dance it to a Christmas song rather than whatever the read song they used was.

performing his line dance
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  1. That is a massive amount of snow, nice to get time to spend out in it. How sweet to have a real pony. Hope it did not mess the stage.

  2. How nice to spend so long in the snow. N looks so happy. Love the photo of N dancing too. My younger son took part in a massive group dance in a school dance competition, but there’s no way he’ll show me what he did!

  3. that’s an awful lot of snow, looks like N really enjoyed himself. 6 and a half hours is a long time to play outside in it, hope he didn’t get too wet and cold

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