Living Arrows 2017 week 51 - child in nativity

School Days – snow day and nativity

We’re really into the run down to Christmas now, with only 2 (party) days to go.  This week just gone did have some disruptions to the planning thanks to the heavy snow we had.

Here’s this week’s School Days.

Snow day

For the first time since N’s been at school there was a school closure thanks to snow.  The school were planning to open until Sunday evening when it was heard on the village e-news that a tree was down across the hill and then a gritting truck had crashed into a wall as well. So school was shut (sensibly).  Otherwise I’d have been walking N to school across the fields because I don’t do driving in snow.

Instead, N spent nearly the whole of Monday playing outside in the snow.


The snow day meant they missed the dress rehearsal for their nativity. So it got pushed back to the original performance slot, with the performance version later in the week. We could still go in on the dress rehearsal day, and it turned out quite a lot of us watched the first run.

They did so well especially as there were a few children who couldn’t get in to school.  There was a surprise entrance of a shetland pony to play the donkey which the kids all loved.

Christmas crafts

Each year some of the mums go into school and do some fund raising Christmas crafts with the different classes.  N got most upset though when he realised that they weren’t available as planned on the dress rehearsal day. He thought we’d not be able to pick his up.  Thankfully they’ve rearranged the days, although we’re cutting ours fine because the only one of the 2 slots I’ll be there for is the last pick up before Christmas. So hopefully it is still fine picking up then.

Dance competition

On Christmas jumper day the children had their annual dance competition.  When I asked N about the dance they were doing he wasn’t sure but said it was easy – it had to be because they only started learning it quite late on.

It turned out it was a line dance, which we discovered the night before it thanks to an email asking for kids to bring in cowboy hats, checked shirts and jeans.  I knew we had one of those, but the checked shirts that N has refused to wear for the last year may have been a little on the small size.  I sent him in with a couple of shirts in case anyone else needed one.  There’s nothing like a last minute panic for costumes.


N moved up a level in reading a month or so ago, and these books are much more interesting. They’re tending to be adventure stories, and one series even has short chapters in it. I think it helps that they’re back down to being 24 pages rather than 32. But he’s been flying through his reading books this week with no moaning and getting on well with them.  Hopefully that will continue. I’d love him to get to level 9 consistently by the end of the school year. Only 1 level to go.

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