friends together morning before school

Project 366 2016 week 18 – into summer

This week’s Project 366 has heralded the start of summer as May’s arrived bringing with it a week of gorgeous weather (so far). Hopefully we’ll get consistently good weather for a while yet.  Here’s my week 18 of photos.

On Sunday I went for a bit of drive around to look at the blossom and take some photos.  N refused to come out into the fields to model for me, so I just took a few photos of the landscape.  There’s a lot of yellow round by us, creating the patchwork fields look.

rape seed fields

On Monday, bank holiday, N had decided he wanted to go ten pin bowling.  Luckily they do a cheap rate for kids between 10 and 11, so it was a bargain £3 for the 2 of us to bowl.  The last time we went i had a shocker, but this time I scored 4 strikes and both of us got over 100.  That’s always my aim when I play.  It was great fun even with just the 2 of us.

10 pin bowling in Banbury

On Tuesday it was a work and school day.  This was the sunset I spotted through the curtains that evening which I  love despite the climbing frame being in the way.

garden at sunset

On Wednesday N was counting his money again, so we turned it into an impromptu learning session trying to teach him the values of coins.  Next stage money games.  My brother and I used to love them when we were children.

counting money

On Thursday the cows were moved into the fields including the field behind our house.  Sheep in one, cows in the other.  N goes out to feed his sheep each evening with his dad, but it looks here like they’re really feeding the cattle.

feeding the sheep

On Friday, we helped out our neighbours who had an early appointment, so they dropped of their daughter before school so I could take her in with us.  She and N get on really well – they do after school club together and were at nursery together, although she’s a year ahead at school.  They had an hour playing outside before school and then sat together in the chair to watch something on the tablet.  They’re a bit like an old married couple together though.  Each takes it in turns to boss the other around.

friends together morning before school

Saturday was a day for mooching.  The flowers in the garden are looking nice if a little sparse, but I took the camera out to practise my photography.  I do love the inside of tulips.

close up inside of a tulip
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  1. An inside the tulip photo is fabulous, such vibrant colours. Love the “old couple”‘s legs, way too cute. And the sunset is beautiful too.

  2. I love the photo of N and his friend’s legs! Your bowling is so cheap and I’m so impressed you both got over 100! I quite like the silhouette of the climbing frame in your sunrise picture.

  3. It has been a lovely week hasn’t it…
    What a bargain with the bowling! It sounds like a lot of fun!
    That last picture is beautiful…

    1. Thanks Kim. Yes, that slot is the only one worth paying for. Bowling the rest of the time is extortionate here. We don’t often go but N requested it.

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