Christmas lights swan and cygnets display

Project 52 2023 week 49

This week’s week 49 for Project 52 and it’s been a fairly quiet week. Recovering from the previous week and trying to get everything sorted ahead of Christmas. Here’s our week.

Sunday wasn’t the best day. I woke with a bad headache so spent much of the morning trying to nap and get rid of it without much success. I finally felt like eating around 2 so felt a bit more human. Then I watched a bit of Christmas movies, prepped for dinner, but didn’t really do a lot all day. Thankfully the weather was miserable and wet so I’d not fancied going out anyway. I finally got round to writing my Christmas cards so just need to address them and post.

On Monday it was back to a normal working day and school. Not a lot going on really but at least my headache had gone. I’ve rediscovered Nonograms that I used to do in my mum’s Daily Telegraph as a child. They’re a lot harder nowadays!

Tuesday I had a flexi day. I went Christmas shopping in Stratford, a disappointing shopping trip really. I was finished in under the hour (bonus of free parking thanks to my brevity), but did manage to get something for the OH. So I’m basically done, aside from a few little bits. I ended up back in our town picking up an online order, and dropping off a parcel. Then addressed my Christmas cards to post.  I spent the afternoon catching up on Christmas movies I’d recorded.

On Wednesday it was back to work. I had to pick N up early for his dentist appointment. Next phase of braces, and that’s 2 teeth out. So it’s a waiting game to see when we’ll get the appointment through for fitting the braces. He didn’t make it to football training.

Thursday was another day in the office for some team sessions. It was nice to see it busy and meet lots of new people. In the evening I tried to enter some competitions, but there’s so many entering nowadays, it really needs a lot of time putting in regularly which I just don’t have like I used to.

On Friday there was a different Tesco driver. They tend to rotate round so I’ve not had a new driver for a long time. It was a little bit awkward as the others just dump the crates on the doorstep. But this guy kind of hovered to hand the crate to me rather than put it down. I still haven’t managed to get out to buy some stamps and post my Christmas cards. Tennis was a cold evening for them.

Saturday was meant to be a football match over in Pershore, but unfortunately the pitch was waterlogged so it was called off. That’s now 5 matches postponed, 3 due to waterlogged/frozen pitches, 1 due to a rearranged cup match, and 1 due to Covid in the opposing team. Getting up early for the intended match did mean a nice speedy and early trip to the farm shop/bakery stall.  

On Black Friday I bought a year’s subscription to piano lessons because N had been showing some interest, and frustrated that they’re expected to play in school with no experience or proper lessons. He never wanted formal lessons. But once you know the basics of these online lessons – chords, notes, scale structure, you get playing songs and improvising early. So I thought it was worth a go for the Youtube generation! I skipped all the boring set up stuff, and set up the first actual playing lesson, and we worked through that. It was fun, and he had learnt more in school than I thought. But one lesson was enough (and of course no interest in practising). But I think it’s pretty good teaching wise, and hopefully if I play a bit more he’ll give it another go. I’ll need to get the piano tuned as well, as the bass notes are awfully out!

It was also hair cut day for N. I was surprised to get an appointment for him this close to Christmas, but managed to, even though I only booked the night before.

Christmas lights swan and cygnets display

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  1. Love the Christmas swan decoration, I imagine it looks really pretty when it’s lit up. Shame about the football matches getting cancelled. Hope the music lessons pick up for him, they sound fun.

  2. It sounds like you had a pretty good week. You are further ahead than I am with the Christmas cards. I always send out pictures from the previous year and I haven’t even printed them yet! I should probably get that done soon because it will be Christmas before I know it!

    1. Sending out photos is a lovely idea. I think so many people now don’t bother with cards, but I still like to send and receive them.

  3. It sounds like a nice day with some down time. You needed it after the week before. Good luck to N getting his braces fitted, my eldest needed a tooth out when she had hers but it was worth it in the end.
    Ahh! I prefer it when the supermarket delivery people just dump the crates and let me get on with it. When they hold the crate or pass me things I get so stressed.
    What a pretty swan. x

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