selfie at the football pitch

Project 52 2023 week 50

It might only be just over a week til Christmas and I’ve been enjoying Christmas music and seeing all the lights, but I still don’t feel very Christmassy. I’m presuming because school’s going right up to Friday. Here’s our week 50 for Project 52.

Sunday was a bit spontaneous compared to normal. N’s happy because his favourite cow calved – so he’s got a little bull calf. That plus project work to complete meant there wasn’t time for tennis. His friend invited him over for a couple of hours in the afternoon, so I had time free to put up the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music.

On Monday, it was a bit milder weather and no rain. We got to the bus stop to find N didn’t have his phone, so back home – only to find it in the car. Luckily we live close enough to get back home and to the bus stop before the bus arrives. 

Tuesday was busy again. Instead of having sausage and mash for tea, I did myself sausage casserole which they’d moan about. It was delicious and nice to have something different. Plus I have leftovers.

On Wednesday it was lots of meetings but a nice day. I do like the people I work with. They were given their new training jackets at football. They look very smart and considering they’re adult sizes, they’re not too ridiculously large. 

Thursday was into the office for our Christmas company afternoon event and ‘party’. It was a busy morning of meetings, then the afternoon ‘conference’. Followed by our Christmas social. Quite a few I work with went to different offices for their social, so ours was a bit quieter than normal. But it was a lovely day. Meeting some new people, catching up with others, and eating nice food plus drinks. I did get a message from home asking where I was, but was home before 8.

On Friday it was a relief to be the end of the week. We had a chippy takeaway for tea, then we made plans for one of N’s friends to come to the tractor run with us, and also managed to arrange a meet up after Christmas with a friend I’ve not seen for ages.  Just a couple more meet ups to re-arrange from last month’s cancellations.

Saturday was an early start with a hair appointment for me at 8.30. Nice empty car parks at that time, and I still managed to get to the market stall and butchers first.  Then it was back to put on a casserole, make my hot drink and head out for N’s football match. The first one in a while due to all the waterlogged pitch cancellations (or so it felt like). This was against the 2nd team in the league. Thankfully they were more our kids’ size unlike the first team from the same club who’re all giants. It was a fairly even match, although ours missed a few opportunities, and their goalie kept them on top to win 3-2. Maybe next time for the win, although it’s a long wait til the first match after Christmas.

Then a bit of a relaxing afternoon before we need to head out for the annual Banbury tractor run. We’re taking one of N’s friends with us, so hopefully he’ll enjoy it too.

selfie at the football pitch

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  1. That’s a late finish for term for N. We finished on Tuesday this week. How lovely to have a new bull calf. Sounds like you had a nice time at the work Christmas do. Glad N finally got to have a football match after all the cancellations! #project365

    1. It’s weird because his cousin in our county finished Wed, but still goes back on the 9th, where N’s school just over the county border finishes Friday. Definitely very late.

  2. Friday 22nd seems so late for the schools to finish before Christmas! I don’t remember finishing school that close to the day when I was in school. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling Christmassy because of that yet!

  3. My girl finishes college for Christmas on Wednesday but that’s only because she’s only in 3 days a week. It is hard to get in the festive spirit when they’re at school so late.
    I bet N is over the moon with the new bull calf. Your Christmas social sounds like fun.
    I hope you had a good time at the tractor run. x