The Nutcracker in Christmas display at Blenheim palace

Project 52 2021 week 47

This week has really turned cold.  I spent the first few days of the week with a painful armpit, after having had my booster jab on Saturday. The week ended with the threat of snow, high winds and Storm Arwen.

Here’s our week 47 of Project 52.

On Sunday, N had his club junior coaching session. I had to persuade him to go because he really didn’t enjoy the session the previous time. There was only 3 of them attending, One who’s in his normal tennis group and then a friend of his who’s not as strong a player. N proclaimed it a better session than before because it was a small group, and the feeding of the ball was more accurate. So hopefully he will want to go more often, if only for the extra hitting. 

The normal coaches who coach at the club are aware of this new guy and it sounds like there’s going to end up with issues, as they really need more court time for our age group when they move up in January to the Juniors stage. Fingers crossed the club don’t just hand over time the existing coaches would need to let in this new coach. That’ll prevent existing junior members being able to access coaching with their coaches who’ve been teaching there for years, which isn’t fair.  

We walked two of the dogs in the afternoon, which was nice. It felt like we’d not been out for a while with them.

Monday and back to work again and everyone running round trying to finalise the design for our publication.

I spent ages trying to sort out someone who wanted to buy a bundle from my Vinted items. She moaned because it was really heavy and over the 5kg vinted limited which meant she wasn’t happy with the cost of shipping. Even taking out 2 items it was still quite pricy. She then decided that it was too expensive when I refused to give her a 15% discount that she requested after already agreeing to buy. I think that’s a cheek considering I’ve had to go back and forth changing everything around, and that she’d planned to buy 10 items, 2 were brand new, 2 were only worn once, and she had a long smart dress and a coat in her bundle. I also have a 15 mile round trip to post anything, so not offering a discount means I’m losing more for diesel etc. I think £34 for 10 items is an amazing bargain.

On Tuesday, a normal day at work and school. Not much happened.

Wednesday was just another work day. We had our publication launch which went well. I got some stocking filler photography done at lunchtime before getting the final gifts wrapped. Apart from sorting out my food shopping list, and not having written Christmas cards, I’m feeling in control with everything else I’ve got ticked off. N had his private tennis lesson which went well.

On Thursday I got all Chrismtassy on my flexi day off.  I headed to Oxford for a bit of Christmas shopping, photography and walking around. Then I had a ticket booked for the inside Christmas displays at Blenheim Palace. N only wanted to do the outdoor trail, so we’ll do that at the end of December, but I went on my own for the Nutcracker displays.  I arrived early so did a quick wander to see the Christmas market, to walk around the different gardens, then nto the palace to see the displays. As always they were stunningly put together. It was a lovely day, I walked miles, and it started to feel like Christmas was well on the way. 

Because I’d checked out the Christmas tree displays in John Lewis for tree height, I decided to order the 7ft one I’d found online. I’m just hoping it’s not too overwhelming and that the diameter does work in our space like I think it should..

Friday was freezing. N still went to school in shorts, minus a jumper, although he did wear his (very light) coat. I had a quiet workday. It seemed to be deliveries non-stop for us, the farm and our lodgers. There was a covid case in N’s class so we’re still doing lateral flow tests.  His private tennis lesson was cancelled, but his group lesson still happened. He ended up having to wear his coat and joggers for the first time this year. Finally something’s got him into trousers.  It was very cold watching, even with gloves and hat on. Their fingers must have been frozen.

On Saturday the OH went off shooting at a friends. N had wanted to go but because of his tennis match wasn’t able too. It was a shame we didn’t hear that the match was cancelled due to snow on the courts until much later, so he missed out going on the shoot. We went to town to get some football boots for him. Yes, finally after all these years N has changed to do football club and is quite enjoying it. After slipping over a lot this week, football boots purchase needed to come forward rather than being for his birthday in January. Luckily they were on offer, and the bigger size was a better fit, so they might last the rest of this year.

We had a Domino’s pizza tea as the OH would be out. We’ll, N had Domino’s an I had a homemade keto one. Delicious and plenty left for lunchtime leftovers on Sunday.

The Nutcracker in Christmas display at Blenheim palace

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  1. I hope that N got on ok at tennis this week, it is no fun when they have a dislike for the coach. The lady from Vinted sounds a nightmare, I had similar problems with ebay buyers

    1. Me too with ebay. Ever since they changed it all in favour of buyers, I had nightmares selling so don’t use ebay at all anymore. This is the first annoyance with Vinted I’ve had. Seems to generally be easier people to deal with.

  2. Sorry to hear the booster left you with a painful armpit, I was meant to have mine last week but cancelled as I have been poorly with my asthma and didn’t want to add anything else into the mix. I am glad your son enjoyed his junior coaching more this week. I love the Nutcracker photo what a great way to get festive. I never have much luck selling either, everyone always wants something for nothing (or as close to nothing as possible!), not always worth the hassle and inconvenience sadly x

  3. Oh that buyer sounds like a nightmare! Thats why I am always put off selling.

    Ohh a 7ft tree sounds fab. We don’t celebrate but love seeing the trees.

  4. I am so impressed you are all sorted for Christmas. I think we are getting close… until I write a list that is and realise we are not. I loved Blenheim palace it always does the trick of making us feel Christmassy. Hope the tree is okay.

  5. A 7ft tree will be immense!!! Hope you have fun decorating it!
    I’ve been meaning to check out Vinted to see some of my gubbins, but that sounds like it was a joke experience! £34 for 10 items, one of which was a coat and she still asked for a 15% discount? I think ending the week with a Dominos after all that was genius! Sim x

    1. Satisfying to see some of the items sell from under her while she was faffing. Generally Vinted is fine. I’ve only had her faffing around and 1 ‘undelivered’ item which I mistakenly dropped off risking the fact they couldn’t give a receipt, so I hadn’t actual proof it had gone apart from verbal confirmation from the shop assistant.

    1. This was my first time with someone like that. I can live with that for £400 of sales over the 4 months. Just frustrating when I don’t tick the ‘I do discounts’ but a few do ask.

  6. That buyer lady sounds like a pain in the posterior. Some people are so entitled. Ten items for that money is definitely a bargain.
    Sorry to hear your arm was sore after the jab, hope you’re feeling better now.
    I couldn’t but shiver, reading your kid was in shorts. It’s been a pretty cold week, the air is so chilly. Mine refuses to wear a hat or scarf, and often comes home with a coat in his backpack. He thinks it’s a cool look, sigh.

  7. This is why I donate rather than sell, too much of a hassle and buyers always want to haggle despite already good prices. I can’t pop to the bins without putting a coat, scarf and hat on at the moment, too cold. You seem to have so much hassle with the tennis lessons, good job N enjoys attending

  8. I hope things get sorted at the tennis club and there are no issues.
    Ugh! It sounds like the woman from Vinted was getting a real bargain. She should have snapped it up. People want things for nothing these days.
    What is it with kids not wearing proper clothes and thick coats in this weather. My youngest is the same. It must be an age thing as my eldest has started wearing coats and jumpers and hoodies after going through the same phase. lol x

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