Wasgij christmas 10 mystery shopper

Wasgij Christmas 10 – Mystery Shopper puzzle solution

Usually I only do Christmas themed jigsaw puzzles approaching the holiday season. But this year I’ve had so many Christmas puzzles, I needed to get moving on them to get through them. The latest one I had was Wasgij Christmas 10 Mystery Shopper.

Wasgij christmas 10 mystery shopper

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Like always I use my usual method of sorting by edges, text, main colours and people – you can see how to solve Wasgij puzzles in my step by step guide. I found this puzzle quite straightforward compared to some. The coloured outfits and gifts were a good base to start with, along with the lines of the escalators.

Based in a shop, you need to work out using the clues on the box, what view one of the box image characters is looking at. Who’s the mystery shopper in the solution image. There’s a few recognisable characters from other Wasgij puzzles, but I spotted fewer than normal.

If you’re looking for the puzzle solution to Wasgij Christmas 10, Mystery Shopper then scroll down for the image and video.

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wasgij Christmas 10 - Mystery Shopper solution
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