overblown tulips and hydrangea bouquet

Project 52 2018 week 8 – tulips and hydrangea

Compared to the rest of this year, last week seemed to whizz by.  We were back at work and school, both being pretty uneventful.

N’s spent the week rocking with a new toy guitar that someone at after school club had given him. He swapped his old toddler one for it. It looks more like a proper guitar and plays Born to be Wild.  It’s so funny to see his rocking with it.  At least his music taste are now expanding slightly – he will now listen to more than Foo Fighters and ACDC. We’ve now got Guns and Roses, ELO, Def Leppard, Linkin Park and he’s also singing more pop genre music that he’s been hearing on the radio. I also tried to educate him on The Beatles and it wasn’t a flat out no.

I’d been hoping to start back dancing again this week, but my achilles has been painful again, so I’ve finally booked a doctor’s appointment to check what the issue is and work out what I need to do to improve it.

I’ve been enjoying my photography again – the blue skies are helping, and the emergence of more flowers. These tulips and hydrangea have lasted well over a week. I decided to overexpose, and see how it came out. Not my usual style, but I really like it.

overblown tulips and hydrangea bouquet
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  1. Beautiful image of tulips and hyacinths, such vibrant colours. I was recently thinking of trying to make Eddie listen to classic music, maybe one short piece a week, to expand his horizons, so that he knows there’s music beyond Hedwig’s theme or Minecraft theme. And he loves trashy melodies like Gangnam style.

  2. Lol, in the car my choice rules, although he does moan about radio 2 because he says that’s for old people (the influence of his 16 year old cousin)

    1. Since about October. Got a doctor’s appointment next week, but I think they’ll just say ice and rest, and may refer to physio for some exercises. A friend said massages are good, but I can’t bear them.

  3. My H loves Queen so it’s Bohemian Rhapsody in the car for us. Hope you can sort out your achilles problem.

  4. Linkin Park. Lucky you. Anyway, love the colour in this image. I just want to see colour after months of winter! Hope your Achilles heal erm, heals quickly!

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