Wheely great service from City Jogger

You may have read my previous post singing the praises of how I loved N’s city jogger mini.

We’ve since had a problem – the front wheel would keep slipping down out of the swivel position and into wheel lock.  To me, it would make more sense to have the lock position at the top as how many people realistically want their wheel locked in position?  It would flick down, and I’d find we could still steer left (just about), but couldn’t go right at all.  Grrr.

After not getting round to contacting them for about a week and moaning all the time I used the buggy, I contacted City Jogger via contact on their website.  I got a reply the next morning saying where to find the serial number and manufacture date they needed to send me another wheel out free (I think they were shocked when I said I’d be duct-taping the switch into position in the meantime!), I sent that over the same day, and 2 days after my first email, I had a new wheel couriered to me.

Brilliant service.  Exactly what I’d like from all companies when there’s an issue.  And now I’m happy and telling all and sundry about how brilliant the buggies are again and how great the service is.

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