Flirting baby

My boy’s a flirt.  Even when he’s ill (which he’s been this weekend).

He loves people and has always been a smiler; whenever we’re out and about, I’ll see people smiling and talking to him across the room, and when I look at him there he is, grinning away.  Ok, so lots of people smile and talk to babies (bizarre I think, but there we go).

You’d think that at some stage he’d have been a bit scared of strange people shoving their heads or fingers in to his buggy, but apart from a couple of times when he was really young (embarrassingly these 2 people weren’t strangers to me!).  He didn’t seem to go through that stage.

Supermarkets and coffee shops – very helpful for keeping him distracted when I’m trying to a hot drink.  In particular, people with strong accents are very interesting to him if he’s not used to those.

And these people he makes friends with can be any age – other babies, children (he has little girls coming up and hugging him in soft play areas, it’s happened twice now and we don’t go that frequently), grannies.  And can be women and men (ok, so maybe it’s only the women he’s flirting with, and the men he’s practising his charming on).

Hopefully it means he’ll be good at making friends as he grows older, and good at networking and socialising when he’s an adult, but we do say if anyone needs to be warned about going off with strangers, it’ll be N.

I guess he’s always been around lots of people so is used to meeting new faces.  He’s got 6 cousins, 5 aunts & uncles, grandparents, NCT friends, family friends and has been taken to lots of baby groups, so I suppose getting out and about gets him used to it.  Let’s see what he’s like when he starts at the day nursery for his settling in sessions next week, ready for starting in January.

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