plucking turkeys

Project 365: photo a day week 51

It’s the penultimate week of Project 365, and I’m astounded I’ve pretty much made it (assuming I can remember to take a photo each day next week!).  The only thing with taking all these photos (and I take – mostly – a lot of photos, at least when we go out, not just the one for this project) is sorting them all out.  I started sorting ones of N by week and year, but I do wonder if it would be easier to refer to later to do it by events or activities and then date.

I am finally in the middle of uploading N’s 2nd year to a photobook, and then I’ll only have the one year left to do…and ‘artwork’.

So to this week’s 365.

Sunday, we went to Hatton for their Enchanted Christmas Kingdom with friends. It’s near enough that we could get back in time for N to ‘help’ the guys pluck the turkeys ready for people to collect them in Christmas week. I’m not sure that I’d want to do the job, but I always find it intriguing seeing them prepared, despite the smell of turkey which permeates from the OH after a day of plucking.

plucking turkeys

Monday night saw N swapping rooms, and I found him when I went to bed.  He’s been much better recently, going back to sleeping all night in his own bed, so it was a surprise to see him. At least he’s stopped hogging the bed and spreading out.

bedtime bed hogger

Tuesday was a day where I didn’t take any photos, apart from driving to work and spotting a beautiful yellow sunrise. I suppose that’s the bonus of the winter days, seeing wonderful sunrises and sunsets.

sunset over Shenington

Wednesday was N’s day nursery Christmas party.  Of course the Christmas jumper had to come out again, and N came home with a book from Father Christmas (I think he was pleased that Father Christmas ‘remembered’ his name as this was the third time this year he’d seen him!), and a lovely handmade chocolate gingerbread Christmas tree from one of the other children there.

Eating treats from a nursery friend

Thursday I had the second Christmas lunch at work.  This one was the functional team I belong to – it was a really nice meal (despite me voting for that venue to be the last of my choices), although not a particularly traditional one starting with tapas.  I never usually choose tapas, but apart from the patatas bravas, it wasn’t particularly Spanish in flavour, and was really delicious.  Our end of the table were definitely promoting our company’s work: no food waste!

Tapas at christmas lunch - pinto lounge

We tend to put our tree up pretty late, usually the weekend before Christmas.  I was planning to put it up earlier in the week, but it was Friday before I had some time free.  Of course N wanted to help, and typically wasn’t that helpful.  But he enjoyed putting the tree together, then I put the decorations and lights on after he’d gone to bed.  Next year I’m definitely on the look out for a new tree as mine was a cheapo Matalan one that’s done me well for about 10 years.  I’d love a 7ft one although I’m not sure I could justify the cost of a big full one that size.

Putting up the Christmas tree

Saturday has been mostly a mooching day doing lots of chores. We stopped for a drink in town, and loved Costa’s gingerbread muffin.  I didn’t even have chance to take a photo of the lovely little house decoration before N had ‘told’ me to chop it in half for him.  The older couple at the table next to us were obviously intrigued by N demolishing his half, because the lady asked him if he’d enjoyed it, and then chatted to me about him.

plucking turkeys

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