Father Christmas brings stocking gifts only

Father Christmas brings stocking gifts only here

This year again, there’s been the social media sharing of people saying not to tell your children that Father Christmas brings all the gifts so it doesn’t make children from poorer families feel bad.  Lots of people have moaned that they’re not going to stop telling their children this. Maybe they should just teach children not to boast about expensive gifts – I’m not sure it matters where they’ve come from. But I have more of an issue with Father Christmas bringing all the gifts full stop.

Every family is different and can do their own thing. I’ve read people explain why they do it. But I just don’t get it.  It makes no sense to me.

People who have Santa bring all their gifts say

‘it keeps the magic alive’ – no different to Father Christmas just bringing stocking gifts

‘I don’t need credit for giving presents to my children’ – neither do I. Giving presents is nice to do.

‘it’s tradition’ – in your house, the same as stocking gifts are my tradition.

There’s even variations for this tradition.  Some people have Santa bring every present.  Others have him bring only their gifts for their children.  Others tell their children that they buy the presents but they get sent to Father Christmas to bring back on Christmas eve! 

It’s making Father Christmas a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

I even had someone arguing with me that just having Santa bring the Christmas stockings means that children will question about the magic much earlier and it makes more sense to have him bring everything. Err, not in my eyes, or with any other child in my family or of friends I grew up with.

Until the last couple of years I’ve never come across it. I mean, people’s stockings have evolved into sacks, pillows and huge piles by the fire which personally I think is over the top. But to me, having Father Christmas bring only the stocking gifts is a nobrainer. That’s what it’s always been.  In books, films, and everyone I’ve known up til a couple of years ago hearing differences of people online.

Here’s my reasons why Father Christmas should only bring stocking gifts.

Father Christmas brings stocking gifts only

The magic

I’m sure it’s great to get huge main presents from Father Christmas, but surely it’s more exciting to not know what you’re getting. The excitement about stockings is they’re not off some Christmas list. There might be some traditional items (the satsuma, chocolate coins and 20p), but the surprise is the best bit.

When we were kids, Father Christmas was even bringing the same gifts to our friends in their stockings. (he shopped a lot in the Studio Gifts catalogue!).


In Christmas films and books, Father Christmas always brings stocking gifts. He doesn’t bring stacks of huge electronics and bikes on his sleigh.  Father Christmas in other countries is the same – bringing small treats and sweets for clogs, shoes and other traditions across Europe and the world.


I’ve never had to explain to N why Santa brings one child a quad bike, but he only gets stocking gifts from him, but I suppose some children and parents might have this issue.  Just doing stockings is much more reasonable.

Teaching kindness and that Christmas is about giving not just receiving

If Father Christmas Is bringing all gifts, does that include from other family members and friends? Isn’t is confusing when parcels arrive at home and then don’t appear under the tree until Christmas morning?

Teaching children to give

If I was giving a child a present, I’d want them to know the gift was from me, so I could get a thank you. It’s teaching children to appreciate gifts and people who are kind enough to give them gifts.

Having presents from people directly means they learn to be gracious when receiving but also learn to give presents to others. 

Plus if they get presents for their friends or parents, how do their presents get to Santa?

Reduces the questions (and little white lies)

See point above. It’s so much more realistic to have Father Christmas just bring stocking gifts. There’s no reasons needed to explain how he gets all the presents (especially those bought on Christmas eve) from family and friends.

Of course, the thing about Christmas is that it’s what traditions work for our families. Those we’ve been brought up with, or are making with our families going forward. So we’ll be sticking with Father Christmas bringing stocking gifts only, for as long as we all believe.

How does Father Christmas work in your house?

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