gift photobooks and photo thank you cards tips

Tips for gifts and thank you photo cards

When you have a baby, the number of gifts can be large. Writing all the thank you notes takes some time.  But it takes more time deciding what you’re going to send.

Thank you photo cards

I knew I wanted one sided photo cards 6x4in in size so I could write on the back.  But could I find any?!  Nope, the 6×4 sizes were only available in notelets and therefore more pricy. 

Finally I found Kodak where I could have one sided but only in a 7×5 size.  The price was pretty good, and the website was easy to use. I uploaded the photos I wanted to use of N, and then ordered.  The photo cards that came back were great.  I just needed to get hold of some CD writable pens* which would write on the photo paper, and they were complete.

gift photobooks and photo thank you cards tips

Photo book gifts

With digital photos, I always plan to print the pictures out and both put them in albums, but also do some scrapbooking.  The problem is it takes so long to get out all my craft supplies and put them away afterwards, I’d never find time in between looking after N and doing everything in the day. (I’m not even counting the housework where I’m definitely slacker now than before which is saying something!).  So my latest find for family gifts are photobooks.

I’ve never used them before but was inundated with lots of special offers working out as free excluding delivery so gave them a whirl. 

One arrived which will be perfect for the Great Gran from Albelli, and I’ve had another ordered from Photobox which includes better photos I’ve taken since having my new camera. I think I’m going to give that to my mum for her birthday – she’ll love it.  What I haven’t done is added text to them like a journal as it all seems a bit trite – maybe when the photos show more interesting events, then I’ll want to log them more interestingly.

My plan is to do an photo book ‘album’ for each year of N’s life so we can have a great souvenir of his life growing up.  Hopefully, the companies will continue to do good offers, as they are expensive, especially if you want to get photos printed out as well.  It does take away the enjoyment of printing out photos and spending time putting them in albums though, so I plan to do the old style version as well.

Of course, it’s never that easy to get round to actually creating the albums. In the end I got to year 4. Our internet used to be terrible so it took ofrecer to upload the photos, but now it’s faster, we might be able to take the photo albums back up again.

What did you do about thank you’d after having a baby?

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