reduce baby bedding expense

Why expensive baby bedding is not required

Looking at all the lists of ‘things you need for baby’ when pregnant is a minefield. They seem so long and products can be really pricy. Baby bedding can be so pretty, and if you’re putting together a lovely decorated nursery you might want to coordinate everything. But babies won’t know what their nursery looks like, and very few people will see it so keep bedding basic. Get funky sleepsuits, blankets or sleep bags instead.

So what can you do without?

reduce baby bedding expense

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Mattress sheets

Someone on a forum had suggested using pillowcases for both pram or Moses basket mattresses instead of specific baby bedding sheets. Genius idea…Supermarkets sell value or basics pillowcases for much lower prices than pram sheets cost and are the perfect size, or you can buy pillow cases * online. Really works for me.

Cot bed sheets

An alternative for cot sheets is to use old cheap king-size or double sheets, cut them up and make smaller bed sheets from them. From a large sheet you should be able to make 2-3 sheets. Most babies nowadays sleep in baby sleeping bags*, so you don’t need brand new sheets under them as well. Old ones and a mattress protector underneath is fine.

Just don’t forget that if you’re not using proper fitted sheets, ensure any excess ends are tucked well away underneath the mattress. We never had any issues with them coming loose.

Use muslins as protection

Also to save changing the whole bedding every time there’s a sick moment in bed, put muslins where the baby’s head lies tucking the ends under the moses mattress edges. Then you can just remove those rather than always having to change all the bedding.

If you want to buy proper sheets and bedding, then look out for nearly new sales. Save on the unimportant things, leaving you to have more to spend on what’s more important to you.

What bedding tips do you have?

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